Best Gutter Guard for Pine Needles

How to keep fall debris out of your gutters


Fall brings so many wonderful things – from the beautiful foliage to having some time off with family, football season to fire pits with friends, and more – there is something about this time of year that we just love.

However, with all of the changes in seasons and trees, there also comes the dreaded fall debris that as homeowners we simply dread for our gutters. What if you didn’t have to dread it so much? What if there was a simple solution for keeping fall debris out of your gutters?

Advantage Gutter Guard ® is the best gutter guard for pine needles and leaves because it was designed in Kansas City, for Kansas City trees. The nose of Advantage Gutter Guard® is designed to go slightly past the front edge of the gutter ensuring the needles and other debris slide off of the guard and fall harmlessly to the ground. Gone are the days of fishing out gumballs and acorns from your gutters when you have our patented Gutter Cover solution. Even squirrels will stay out of your gutters this year. It is the ultimate gutter protection solution for fall – and really any other season!


Why do you want to protect your gutters from pine needles?

When pine needles fall this time of year, they can easily get caught in unprotected gutters. This causes them to clump together and create blockages, which reduces water flow.
When rain can’t easily travel through your gutter and out your downspout, it can cause overages, damage to your home, rot and more. Sometimes the weight of them collecting in your gutter and retaining water can cause gutters to begin to sag or even break. All of these can later cause homeowners significant (and expensive) problems.

The same goes for other debris that falls during the autumn season, such as acorns, small pinecones, gum balls, and of course – leaves. All of these can collect in unchecked and uncovered gutters. You’ll find yourself frequently on a ladder trying to get rid of all the pine needles and fall debris, which can be dangerous and, in our opinion, a lot less fun than other fall activities you could be doing.

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year in Kansas City. Don’t spend it cleaning your gutters!



Why Advantage Gutter Guard® works for fall debris


Make the best use of your time and money by choosing a permanent solution to gutter cleaning. Once you do, you’ll be so relieved the terrible chore of gutter cleaning is off your shoulders forever.


Best gutter guards for your home reviews

“It’s been 3 years and our gutters are perfect.” – Jeff Montgomery (Kansas City Royal’s Hall of Fame)

Jeff Montgomery, Royals Hall-of-Famer had Advantage Gutter Guard® installed on his home 3 years ago. He met with Gutter Cover KC ™ because he has a lot of large trees around his home and he had a friend who was injured cleaning his gutters. It made him want to get his home taken care of permanently.


Other client reviews

Advantage Gutter Guard® Warranty & Reputation“I am so glad that my husband for the past 2 years has not had to climb a ladder and clean out the gutters of all those items that are caught in them. I don’t hear birds or squirrels in the gutter either so they are not getting blocked up like we have had in the past with the water spilling over the top due to the nest. The gutters still look great and the covers still work like they are supposed to. Looking forward to having clean gutters for year to come and my husband having his 2 feet remain on the ground.” – Mrs. McEwen


a pile of pine cones in pine needles on the ground“I first used Gutter Cover KC in 2008 to install gutter covers on our home. They were able to install them on everything but our patio cover as it had an oddly designed and non-conforming gutter. The gutter covers have performed perfectly, but we continued to have ongoing issues with clogging in the patio cover gutter. We recently replaced our patio cover and asked Gutter Cover to install a conforming gutter and downspouts along with gutter covers on the new patio cover. Now we are enjoying the same non-clogging gutters on our patio… Thank you Gutter Cover of Kansas City. The work was performed professionally and ahead of anticipated scheduling!” – Mr. Duffy


solid-gutter-protection-on-home“We’ve had our gutter covers installed since last Fall. The whole process was easy and fast. Our issue: We have a lot of mature trees, so all the leaves would gather in our gutters frequently. My husband went outside to unclog the gutters too often. All the leaves created a lot of over pour and it seemed our gutters didn’t even exist. Every time it rained, my husband would be out there unclogging them. It was definitely a pain for him but he hasn’t had to go outside to unclog them since! Great service, quality product and fast installation!” – Mrs. Stenelli


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Ready for a solution to keep fall debris out of your gutters for good?

Fill out the form below for a customized plan for your home. It’s super easy and fast. Included: 21-point inspection, plan overview, and estimate – takes about an hour. Once you have Advantage Gutter Guard ® on your home, you’ll never clean pine needles, leaves, or acorns out of your gutters again.