How to Solve Your Guttering Problems From Your Couch

Gutter Cover KC knows that guttering problems do not disappear – even when the world is quarantined. How can we help you solve your guttering problems while respecting the health of the community?

How Can My Guttering Problems Be Solved While Being Quarantined?

Gutter Cover Kansas City is proud to offer Video Chat and Over-The-Phone evaluations.

Likely you have a few questions on how this will work. We’re happy to explain.

Scheduling a Virtual Gutter Evaluation

It is easy to schedule a virtual estimate.

We have two options for scheduling estimates:

Online: Our estimate form asks you to enter your information.

In the additional information box at the bottom of the screen please write in your preference – Video Chat or Over-The-Phone.

Your will receive an email indicating your appointment time and appointment preference.

Over-the-Phone: If you prefer to schedule over the phone, give Gutter Cover Kansas City a call: 816-295-7873.

When visiting with our scheduling expert, mention that you would prefer a video chat or over-the-phone evaluation. The Gutter Cover KC scheduling expert will schedule your preferred appointment at a time that works best for you.

How Do Virtual Estimates Work?

At the time you specified, a Gutter Cover KC consultant will arrive outside of your home.

The estimator will call you and let you know they have arrived and ask for any specific areas of concern that you have with your home.

Next, the Gutter Cover KC professional will walk around the exterior of your house.

During this time the estimator will do a 21-point evaluation of your guttering system, take photos of problem areas and make measurements. This normally takes 30-45 minutes.

Once the estimator is done compiling all the information, he will email you the photos taken during the evaluation process.

Then the Gutter Cover Kansas City professional will begin your preferred virtual appointment by either a call or video chat.

During this conversation, they will address any of your concerns, explain where your water problems are coming from and offer solutions – all from outside your home.

If you chose to video chat they will either walk around the outside of your home and show you via live video the areas of specific concerns and solutions or use the photos they emailed you before initiating the video chat.

If you selected a phone call, they will direct you to the photos they emailed before the phone call began.

How Do I Agree to the Proposed Solutions Virtually?

If you are interested in accepting the solutions the Gutter Cover KC professional offers, they will send you an email with the option to “Accept”.

You simply click “Accept” and you will be put on the schedule for a Gutter Cover KC installation crew to solve your guttering problems.

Voila! And you never had to leave your couch!

What About the Installation?

Gutter Cover Kansas City’s professional installation crew never needs to enter your home. So you can get this home improvement project done without any unnecessary health risks.

Additional Questions:

What Video Chat Options Are Available?

Gutter Cover Kansas City will do their best to use a software platform you are comfortable with. Most commonly people choose FaceTime, Skype, Zoom or Go-To-Meeting.

If you have something else in mind, let us know. Likely, we will be able to accommodate your wishes.

What Should I Do To Prepare for a Virtual Appointment?

This is designed to make your life easy – so you won’t have to do much.

However, the estimator will need to be able to walk around the outside of your home. Please consider these two things:

  1. Please bring dogs inside for the appointment.
  2. Make sure backyard gates are unlocked for the appointment.

We Care About Your Safety

The Gutter Cover Kansas City team wants everyone in Kansas City to remain safe and healthy. We are so happy that we can continue to offer our wonderful gutter solutions to the community, while still being able to maintain health precautions.

Who knew you could solve your gutter problems from your couch!

Give our virtual appointments a try! You have too many other things to worry about then your gutters. We know that if you do, you will enjoy peace of mind like our thousands of other customers.