Announcing Silent Spout® – The World’s First Quiet Downspout

Noisy downspouts can be so frustrating. That is why Gutter Cover KC® created Silent Spout™.

Silent Spout™ is a special technology that stops metal reverberations on treated downspouts. It can be installed on any type, material and color of downspout. Silent Spout™ is not placed within the downspout and therefore it will not inhibit the functioning of the gutter system in anyway. Gutter Cover KC® is so excited to begin offering Silent Spout™ this month!

Why Do You Need Silent Spout®?

You need Silent Spout® if you can relate to this experience:

It’s Saturday morning. Before the birds start to sing and the sunlight filters in your room…you wake up to: DRIP…DRIP…DRIP…

You notice the sun isn’t up, you try to go back to sleep.


‘Did it rain last night? Is that my downspout? Never mind, it’s my sleep-in morning!’


You check the time, its 5:53 AM, even earlier than you wake up during the week. You turn over, cover your head with your pillow. And…silence?…NO, it’s still there…DRIP…DRIP…DRIP…

Forget it, you’re awake. Might as well go make coffee.

Drip Investigation

A cup of coffee later, you are inspecting the outside of your home in your PJ’s.

Upon investigation, you find it’s the downspout near your bedroom. You check the weather – it didn’t rain last night! 

What?!?! Why the DRIP…DRIP…DRIP…?

The night dew collected in the gutters, just enough for drops of water to form, and one at a time fall from the gutter to the bottom of the downspout. The sound of the single droplets vibrates the metal creating a loud drip echo that can be heard all the way into your bedroom.


Time to Google a solution. 

Google’s Best Search Results:


To Quiet a Noisy Downspout:

  1. Alter the angle of the downspout – you try it – still DRIP…DRIP…DRIP…
  2. Make sure everything connected to the downspout is tight. You get out the ladder, the screwdriver. Everything seemed to be snug already, you make it a little tighter. Still DRIP…DRIP…DRIP…
  3. Muffle the downspout by putting astroturf or a roof shingle at the bottom. Doesn’t seem like a long term solution, seems like it’ll wash out, and collect debris…so you move on.
  4. Glue a piece of sponge to a magnet and put it at the bottom of the downspout to collect the water droplets. You try it – your gutters are aluminum and the magnet doesn’t stick.
  5. Put a rope down your downspout. You don’t really want to do that because it will slow the water drips down, but it will also take up precious real-estate in your downspout when it’s raining. And debris will stick to the rope and the downspout will get clogged faster….you move on.
  6. Get a plastic elbow for the bottom of the downspout. Okay, it’s a little ugly and plastic doesn’t hold up as well, but it seems to be the only solution.


Introducing: Silent Spout ®. A quiet downspout that is identical to your existing downspout, EXCEPT it has been treated with a technology that stops the metal reverberations. This means the noise from your downspouts will be dampened whether the noise is the result of a rainstorm or simply morning dew.

The Silent Spout® Genesis

Doug Stacye – the creator of Silent Spout ®, owner of Gutter Cover KC, and inventor of Advantage Gutter Guard®, had the exact same problem as you – a noisy downspout. He was disappointed in the existing “solutions”.  

As a man with many years in the guttering business, he knew there had to be a real solution. As time went on he ended up talking to a man who was in the luxury car business. It turns out that most road noise is a result of metal reverberations – just like DRIP…DRIP…DRIP…from your downspout. To reduce the road noise, luxury car companies treat the inside of doors, and other metallic parts of the car with a technology designed to stop these metal reverberations.

Doug incorporated this technology into his downspout at home. And something amazing happened. DRIP…DRIP…DRIP…disappeared. He later added it to other noisy downspouts on his home. Resulting in peace and quiet.

Fast-Forward 5 Years

A Gutter Cover KC® customer calls Doug complaining that her downspout is ‘so noisy – is there anything that can be done to quiet it?’

Doug drives out to her house and installs what is now Silent Spout ®. 

And another amazing thing happens – DRIP…DRIP…DRIP…disappears for her too.

The Innovation of Silent Spout®

This experience got Doug thinking. 

Maybe he isn’t the only one frustrated by a noisy downspout. Maybe many people are waking up to DRIP…DRIP…DRIP! 

He decided to develop this technology further so it can be available to everyone. Doug is already making a quality product that prevents people from having to clean their gutters and worry about foundation damage and flooded basements. Maybe they would like to have a quiet downspout too. 

How to Quiet Your Downspout

If you are tired of DRIP…DRIP…DRIP…give Gutter Cover KC a call! The guttering professionals would be happy to do a 21-point inspection of your gutters, offer any needed solutions and of course – the Silent Spout®. Finally, you’ll be able to have the peace and quiet you deserve!