The Gutter Cover Installed Over Bat Houses

Bat house where The Gutter Cover is installed
Single Bat House Under Eave

We had an installation for The Gutter Cover™ recently that was unique and thought we’d like to share the story. The job was done on a private residence on which the homeowner has three bat houses attached to their dwelling. (At the time of the installation the bats had left the houses because of the intense heat.)

When the homeowners were asked why they had become involved in bat conservation they said that bats are losing their habitat. So by installing the bat houses they provide housing for the bats and in turn receive free insect control and free guano which turns out to be a great fertilizer when added to a compost pile.

Bats are threatened worldwide and there are three endangered species here in Missouri. They are the Gray Bat, the Indiana Bat and the Ozark Big-Eared Bat. For more information there are two good websites. Bat Conservation International, and Missouri Department of Conservation,

Bats are beneficial to humans because they eat a huge number of insects and we can all use fewer mosquitoes in the summer. They work while we sleep protecting crops from pests, dispersing seeds for rainforests and pollinating fruits we eat.

Perhaps people would be less fearful if they understood more about bats. Dispelling commonly held myths about bats should help. Bats are not blind, they are not rodents and most do not carry rabies. Their diet consists of insects, fruits and nectar. There are 1,250 species of bats but only three species are vampire bats (which all live in Latin America).

The Gutter Cover installed on home with Bat Houses
Bat House on Chimney

Bats need us to protect their homes and pups (young) and to educate our communities. This is well illustrated by our homeowner. Since they have installed the bat houses friends and neighbors have enjoyed counting bats with them, people from ages 3 to 85. On one occasion seven bat pups had fallen from the bat house so a neighbor assisted in rescuing them and returning to their mothers. This couple has experienced joy and amazement as they do their part in preserving a vital piece of our natural environment.

Here at Gutter Cover we appreciate the opportunity to provide interesting and informative material for our audience. It has certainly been educational for us and has helped to adjust our view of a creature we may have formerly considered a frightening nuisance.