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There all types of gutter guards, leaf guards, and gutter protection – they all attempt to solve the problem of clogged gutters. An effective gutter cover should keep your gutters clean and free flowing, allowing your guttering system to protect your home by directing rainwater away from your home and foundation. Some provide better protection than others and many simply don’t work! Let us take the guesswork out of choosing a gutter protection system for your home.

The Best Design
Advantage Gutter Guard® solid, nose forward, low profile, patented design provides the ultimate in protection by preventing leaves and other debris from entering your gutter, high volume water flow control, roof adaptability and a beautiful appearance on your rain gutters and home – no other product is like it! Advantage Gutter Guard® patented gutter protection system features:

Strength and Durability – Rain, wind, snow, and ice are no match for the heavy gauge, high-quality construction of Advantage Gutter Guard® and bracket patented system. Advantage Gutter Guard® provides year-round protection for your home!

Beautiful Appearance – You won’t even know a gutter guard is protecting your home! Works on all roof types including wood, tile, stone coated steel, metal, composition, etc.

Time Tested, Proven and Guaranteed to keep gutters clean and free flowing – No more clogged gutters! Lifetime, the transferable warranty provided in writing. Thousands of happy customers can’t be kept quiet. All of the best, yet still the most affordable gutter protection in its class.

Why is Gutter Cover Kansas City the Best Solution?

Gutter Cover Kansas City truly cares about providing the best gutter cover system at the best rates in its class in Kansas City. We guarantee our service, product, and price. Our price quote is good for 30 days not just the day of the appointment. We are rated A+ at the Better Business Bureau and our customer testimonials say the rest.

Why Do I Need Gutter Covers?

Imagine 1200 gallons (34 bathtubs full of water) being poured directly onto your home’s foundation. That is the volume of water an average size roof produces during a one inch per hour rainfall. That creates damaging pressure on the structure of your home. This same water eats away at your soffit, fascia, window frames and doors. Clogged gutters allow water to directly impact the structural integrity of your home. Advantage Gutter Guard® provides a guaranteed solution to clogged gutters. Learn more about why you should keep your gutters clean.

Why is Gutter Protection Better than Gutter Cleaning?

No one wants to be on the roof 24/7 cleaning gutters. Sometimes before you’re even off the ladder, leaves have blown back into the gutter. It’s often difficult to get them cleaned before a big rain comes. In addition, at least 30,000 people are hurt and 6,000 die from ladder-related accidents in the United States per year. Why take the chance? Advantage Gutter Guard® provides year-round protection and keeps you off the ladder!

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