The Scoop on Keeping Your Gutters Clean

Just thought we’d put you on notice that Autumn is on its way, which means we’ll have rain 

Dirty gutters
Are you really looking forward to cleaning this?

and falling leaves.  All kinds of debris will be accumulating in your gutters and clogging the downspouts.   So to help you prepare for this upcoming event we have provided the following checklist for your benefit.

1.       Before you walk out of the house be sure you are dressed properly for the occasion.  Wear a shirt with long sleeves and rubber gloves.

2.      Have a sturdy extendable ladder.  Do not lean the ladder against the gutter as it could damage the gutter.  Standoff stabilizers (ladder “horns”) are ideal to prevent this from happening.  For good information on basic ladder safety please go to:

3.      Once you have climbed the ladder and have a good view inside the gutters you can remove the debris by hand, a gutter scoop or a small garden trowel.  You can put the debris in a bucket or plastic trash bag placed on the roof or ladder.  I like the idea of using a bag as you can just let it drop when it’s full (please make sure no one is standing underneath).

4.      Caked-on dirt will be difficult to remove so you better have a garden hose handy to wet it down.

5.      Now is a good time to check out the downspouts and make sure they’re not clogged.  Place that handy garden hose into the downspout to see if the water flows through.  If the downspout is plugged and the water won’t open it use a small plumber’s snake or an unbent clothes hanger to clear the clog.  Once the debris has been cleared, run water through the downspout again.

6.      So you have now cleaned one section of gutter and can proceed to the next section and around the house repeating the steps above.

7.      If it’s still daylight you can flush the gutters with water making sure everything is flowing as it should and check to see if you have any leaks in the system.

For proper maintenance gutters should be cleaned at least once a year – but if you have trees that hang over the house it’s advisable to clean them 6-8 times a year per Doug Stacye at Gutter Cover of Kansas City.  Clogs often form where downspouts join the gutter system so be sure to check these areas closely.

Now if you’re just not up to this labor intensive project or just don’t have the time, you could hire someone to do the job.  Depending on the size and height of your house it could cost between $50.00 and $250.00.  Another option is to contact Gutter Cover of Kansas City as we will clean your gutters before we install The Gutter Cover so you can say goodbye to gutter cleaning forever.  You may contact our office for an appointment at 816-246-7881.

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