We Want OUR story to be about OUR customers.


We want our story to be about our customers. We want to know what issues caused them to seek gutter protection. What damage clogged gutters have caused to their home. Why they chose our company, and the results of having The Gutter Cover installed on their home. We will be interviewing customers who are willing to tell their story. Please feel free to let us know your experience!


Following is one of the first interviews:


.david_and house with Gutter Cover     David H.

David had a beautiful, nine year old house with two large oak trees and one bad hail storm. This made him start researching types of guttering and gutter protection. David had to get out the ladder and clean out his gutters multiple times a year, which made him look to different methods of gutter protection.

David chose to call The Gutter Cover of Kansas City because we were a local company.

The estimator, Jim, whom David worked with, was able to tell him about his own personal experience with The Gutter Cover. Jim has had the benefit of having The Gutter Cover installed on two different homes, each with a forest of trees. Jim loves not having to clean his gutters, and having peace of mind his gutters are not pouring over because they are clogged. 


David's Gutter Cover House


Because of this, he is able to share first hand that The Gutter Cover works! 



David’s house had a few low spots that were spilling over and washing away the mulch from his plants. Since The Gutter Cover has been installed, there are no more issues with his gutters running over. David told us he is “tickled pink” and very happy his gutters stay clog free.