Water Damage Prevention: Downspout Extensions

The purpose of a gutter system is to prevent rainwater from bombarding your foundation.

You can have a spotless gutter system, but it would be futile if your downspouts drain near or towards your foundation. An easy way to have adequate drainage is through downspout extensions. However, sometimes these can be frustrating. They are designed to extend a couple of feet into your yard, which is great most of the time…unless you’re trying to mow your lawn.

This is why we are super excited to have found a new product called the Zip Hinge™.

It’s a hinged downspout extension that attaches to the end of your downspout. The benefit?  It’s an extension that can be easily pushed out of the way when mowing your yard. It is also helpful for rain barrels. Imagine it’s a year where we get ample rain – to the point that your rain barrel is full. All you have to do is lower you’ve already attached Zip Hinge™ extension.

If you would like Zip Hinge™ added to your downspouts, let us know!

For more information, visit the Zip Hinge™ website or watch this video.