The Best Gutter Guard for Greenwood Homes

Advantage Gutter Guard® is the best gutter guard for your home in Greenwood, Missouri. Why? Because it works on home after home, year after year!  Notably, Gutter Cover Kansas City® has used this effective gutter guard system on thousands of homes. Additionally, our gutter protection has been installed for over twenty years in and around Kansas City.  Protecting homeowners is the backbone of our company. Therefore, we chose this amazing product because it was already a proven gutter guard system. It was designed after years of working with similar products.

Advantage Gutter Guard® gutter guard has special features to make it effective for your home in Greenwood:

Sturdy all-metal cover and bracket make it strong enough to hold up to the elements like wind and heavy snow

It is specifically designed to be low profile and to add to the beauty of any home

Guaranteed to keep gutters clean and free-flowing, lifetime, transferable warranty

Solid – no openings to become clogged with debris

Versatile Design – works with any roof style or architecture

Greenwood homeowners need to protect their homes from water damage caused by clogged guttering. As a result, we work to be the fully comprehensive guttering and gutter protection experts. By addressing underlying problems we hope to prevent larger problems. As opposed to just putting a band-aid on the problem. Therefore, our estimators will do a thorough inspection of your gutter system and help you find answers for your home. Additionally, each job is handled by a professional, trained installer. One who works diligently to give you the best gutter protection available.

An interesting historical fact about Greenwood according to In 1900 Greenwood had two train depots that averaged 100 trains in 24 hours! That’s pretty amazing! Greenwood also is home to James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area, it hosts the following activities:  boat rental, picnic areas including three pavilions, numerous fishing jetties, two fishing docks, an archery range, and 11 lakes and for fishing.  With so many opportunities available in your neighborhood, not to mention antique shopping, why waste any more time on a dangerous ladder? Get out there and enjoy time with your family. Let us take care of the gutters!

Ready To See For Yourself?


Gutter problems unique to Greenwood, MO

Pine needle debris

When you have water in the basement and huge pines near the house, the first thing you should investigate is the gutters. Gutters are often clogged up with pine needles. Clogged gutters can lead to overflowing rainwater. It requires constant gutter maintenance to get rid of the problem. 

We recommend Advantage Gutter Guard® because it is designed to keep debris like pine needles from clogging your gutters. It is a solid guard that blocks debris from entering the gutter. Because it is solid and not perforated, it prevents pine needles and debris from getting trapped in little openings, as it does when there are holes, screens, or mesh. 

The nose of Advantage Gutter Guard ® is designed to go slightly past the front edge of the gutter, ensuring needles and other debris slide off the guard and fall harmlessly to the ground.

Gutter cleaning will be a thing of the past with our product.

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Testimonials from satisfied Greenwood clients

Chris D., Greenwood, MO

“Great product, great people and professional organization! A++++ job.”

P. Schneider, Raymore, MO

“Our salesperson, Craig was extremely courteous and personable. Good follow-up; made sure that he explained the product, warranty thoroughly. Matt did a great job answering any questions I had during installation. He seems to be a great guy to work with and an asset to your company.”

P. Baumann, Belton

“Very happy with a job well done. The technician was very friendly, on time and very knowledgeable. Very happy with the Results and will highly recommend.”

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FAQS for Gutter Guards in Greenwood

Why should I choose your company for gutter services?

We are known for providing the best gutter services in Greenwood. Our experienced team uses high-quality materials and offers exceptional customer service. Whether you need gutters cleaned, gutter repair, or seamless gutter installation, we ensure top-notch results.

Does it matter whether I have seamless gutter installed or not?

Regardless of the guttering material you use, you should always have seamless gutter. Look at it this way: The seam will always be the first place to leak or corrode or rust or break down. It’s the ‘weak spot’, in that sense. The more you have, the lower the life of the guttering system and the more problems you will have with it.

How often should I have my gutters cleaned?

It is generally recommended to have your gutters cleaned at least 2-6 times a year to prevent blockages and other gutter problems. Regular maintenance helps prolong the life of your existing gutters and ensures they operate effectively. However, if you install Advantage Gutter Guard®, that maintenance reduces dramatically! Most of our homeowners only spray it with a water hose once or twice a year. Since it is a solid-gauge gutter guard, it does not allow any debris into the gutter and water flows smoothly all year long. 

Does Advantage Gutter Guard® fit on existing guttering?

Yes. Our product is made to fit most existing gutters. However, if you have gutters that are small (less than 5 inch) or have old gutters that are failing, then you need to also replace those gutters to solve your gutter problem. Our gutter cover does a wonderful job and we want all our customers to have this same experience because customer satisfaction is immensely important to us, as our reputation reflects. We do a 21-point inspection during a free home assessment and we will let you know what the best solution is for your home. There is no obligation to buy our product after this.