What is the Best Gutter Cover System?

A woman seeks direction, in this case - which is the best gutter cover system in Kansas City?

The Must-Read Guide for Identifying the Best Gutter Cover System in KC

You know keeping your gutters clean is important for protecting the health, safety, and longevity of your home. But…let’s face it…you’ve got better things to do than clean your gutters every weekend until winter. So, this year you’re going to maximize your time and have gutter guards installed. Brilliant idea! But now the question is, ‘Which gutter cover is best?’

3 Reasons Why Advantage Gutter Guard® is the Best Gutter Protection System

1. Design

    1. Industry leading technology
    2. Durable construction with no plastic parts
    3. Designed in Kansas City for Kansas City 

2. Backed By A Reputable Company

    1. Installed by professionals – no subcontractors
    2. Product and company Highly rated on all platforms
    3. 20 Years in Business

3. Permanent Solution With Lifetime Guarantee That Gutters Will Never Clog


Get a free estimate now or read on to find out why these 3 factors are so important for a gutter cover system, and why Advantage Gutter Guard® is unique in these aspects.

Gutter Cover Clarity – An Expert’s Guide

1. Gutter Screens

Traditional Gutter Screens

Good News:

This design system has been around the longest. Most of us are familiar with the metal net that weaves over the top of the gutters. Familiarity is nice.

Bad News:

However, you’re also likely familiar with seedlings growing up through the metal screen and if left alone – becoming luxurious baby trees.

While screens keep large maple leaves out of the gutter, dirt, seeds and smaller leaves have no trouble getting in. So, while it might save you an intermittent clean, you still will need to clean your gutters – and your gutter screens a couple of times a year. It’s pretty clear, this design is not the best gutter cover system available.

From inside the gutter you can see the dirt and debris collected, and a new plant is growing up through the gutter screen

Leaf Filters

Good News:

A new model of screen has been developed to prevent this seedling debacle. It is a micro-mesh system with perforations so small it is essentially a mesh filter. These filters not only keep leaves out – they also keep seeds and other debris out. It appears to be a very pragmatic design. 

Bad News:

Unfortunately, these still have issues: The fine filter clogs with tree sap and dirt over time. It also traps debris on top of the filter. Once clogged, the water can’t pour in through the mesh and is forced to run over the gutters and down to the foundation of your home – exactly what you’re trying to avoid. To keep gutter filters in shape, it is essential to give them a good scrub a couple of times a year. Not the time saver you’re looking for?

clogged leaf filter/ micromesh screen

2. Gutter Foam or Sponges

Good News:

Sponges are what they sound like – large sponge-like material that fills up the top 3/4 of your gutter and prevents any debris to enter your guttering system. No debris! Yay!

Bad News:

They fill up 3/4 of your gutters leaving only 25% water capacity. This will work for most light rains, but after a few months, dirt will continue to filter through the sponge, closing that 25% water capacity to 20%, then 15%, you get the picture. 

The result: eventually there’s simply not enough space in the channel to process the thousands of gallons of water that rushes off your roof and into your gutters. This means the water that should be in your gutters is flowing past the gutters and down your siding, landing in your prized flower beds and weakening your home’s foundation. So basically, back to square one.


sponge leaf filter does not work because it fills the gutter and mud builds up under it.

3. Solid Gutter Covers

Good News:

These are completely solid so no debris large or small can enter – no clogged gutters, guaranteed! Woo-Hoo! 

But wait a minute…if they’re completely solid, how does the water get in? 

A well-designed solid gutter cover uses the water principle of surface tension to drive the flow of the water around the edge of the cover and into the gutter. This might be something you have to see to believe, but it is scientifically based and does actually work, even in heavy rains.

A high-quality solid gutter cover will work for your home in Kansas City and is the best gutter cover system.

Bad News:

Some products that are considered solid covers don’t fully cover the gutter – they leave a small gap at the edge of the gutter to allow water in. Such products will have the same struggles as a screen because dirt, seeds, pine-needles, and small leaves can enter. Be sure when selecting a solid cover that the entire gutter is covered and surface tension is used to guide the water into the gutter.


solid gutter guard/gutter cover design for homes in Kansas City and it's suburbs like Lake Lotawana

What The Neighbors Say

So now you know you’re looking for a solid gutter cover and you’re ready to find a company that provides the best gutter cover system in the area. It’s always a good idea to check the reviews of each company you’re considering. Check not just one source – but multiple – FaceBook, HomeAdvisor, Google, Angie’s List, BBB. 

Companies can release fake reviews and bury less-flattering reviews. It’s important to check multiple sites, read with discernment and dig a little – with a little research – the truth will reveal itself. 

As you read, you will likely find that many people have tried multiple products until finding the right one. Read what they have to say – likely this research will save you much headache – and reaffirm your interest in solid gutter covers.

Chuck and Sue think that Advantage Gutter Guard is the best gutter cover for their home.

Where to Buy Gutter Covers

Really there are two option for purchasing gutter covers.

1. From a Home Improvement Store


Most inexpensive at onset.


1. You get what you pay for: products available at the stores have openings in the top – which means they will have all the problems that gutter screens and leaf filters have.

This isn’t because they want to offer an inferior product, it’s just that for a lay person to install them, larger areas for water entry are required for proper water flow. 

Completely solid gutter covers that use surface tension must be installed by an expert that understands how to maximize surface tension. 

2. You will have to install yourself or pay a handyman to install it for you. 

3. No warranty can come with such products.

Home Depot product was not installed by experts, and is not functioning at all. It is clearly not the best gutter cover system in Kansas City

2. From a Gutter Protection Company 


    1. Professional evaluation to make sure your gutters are working optimally before a gutter cover system is installed.
    2. The product will be installed by trained professionals that understand how the gutter cover works.
    3. Usually comes with a warranty, guaranteeing your gutters will never clog. 
    4. Trained experts to call if you’re having an issue after installation.


More expensive option, but worth the investment if the company is reputable.  

corner installation of 8 inch gutters


Buying Tips

1. Before scheduling an appointment, check multiple review sites and the Better Business Bureau to see if it is a reputable company.

2. When meeting with each company, determine if the estimator is interested in the overall result for your home and not just pushing a product.

You can do this by seeing if the gutter expert is truly that: Did they check the condition and slope of your gutters? Or how the downspouts interact with the ground slope of your home? etc. For knowledgeable conversation regarding gutters see the article : Everything You Need to Know About Your Gutters – In Layman’s Terms.

3. Don’t give into high-pressure sales. If a company feels the need to pressure, this is the first sign of poor customer service and likely a poor product. If they don’t respect you when you’re deciding to buy, likely they won’t respect you when you have a problem after purchase.

things to look for when considering gutter guards in Kansas city

This Expert’s Opinion

Choose a completely solid gutter cover from a well-established reputable company. Make sure they have a history of backing their warranty, trained installers and a history of excellent customer service. 

Gutter Cover Kansas City offers the best gutter protection system in Kansas City. They tick all the boxes. There are no perforations or openings in the top, it has a nose forward design to block debris, it maximizes surface tension, is backed by a reputable company, installed by professionals, comes highly recommended, no plastic parts, and it offers and honors a lifetime guarantee that the gutters will never clog. What else could you want from a gutter protection company?


Updated from original posting 10/30/2020