Who Will Install Gutter Guard On My Home?


Who Will Install Gutter Guard On My Home?

An Expert Gutter Technician Who Cares About Your Home


You’ve met with your Gutter Cover KC® consultant, and they’ve assured you that we can solve your water problems.  You’re eagerly waiting for your very own Advantage Gutter Guard®. Now you are wondering, “Who will install the gutter guard on my home?”

We know that work on your home – of any type – can be a stressful experience. It is so refreshing when you can be certain that true professionals will be at your home, and be respectful, courteous, and knowledgeable.

How can we be so certain that a professional technician will meet you at your door?

A big reason is Matt.

Matt is our Production Manager. As such, he is the man who trains our technicians on installing gutters and covers and ensures the quality of their work for our customers.

Not only does he train, but he is also out working with the technicians every day – both in the heat and in the cold. Working side by side, he helps them find solutions for even the trickiest gutter guard installations.


Why do we trust Matt’s work?



Our Mission is to ‘Protect Homeowner’s by Keeping Water Where It Belongs’. Matt does an excellent job at making sure that his team of installers is making this happen. When more training is needed for our technicians, he takes care of that.”

 – Debbie Zentz, Office Manager


  “He is always concerned about making sure our customers are happy. He teaches our installers how to have the same attitude.”

– Debbie Zentz, Office Manager


Matt “is very knowledgeable and typically can find answers to any potential problem regarding installation.”

– Sharon Laing, Customer Service

“He is not afraid to tell sales or installation how they can approach a tough project with practical recommendations. He is able to give constructive suggestions that make our company better every year.”

– Doug Stacye, CEO


Matt “has integrity and wants the company to be successful. He is reliable and keeps his word.”

 – Sharon Laing, Customer Service

“He relates to everyone in the company and understands the importance of quality work and getting jobs done in a timely manner.”

– Doug Stacye, CEO


What do our customers think about Matt’s work?


Prompt, reliable, excellent service. Very pleasant to do business with and reasonable pricing. Matt (installed my gutter covers and downspout) is fantastic.”

-K. Brizendine, Customer June 2019

“Jake and Matt did such an amazing job. They were kind, professional, quick and clean! I was impressed by the quality and thrilled with the final look of our home. I will be recommending them highly to neighbors.

-E. Williams, Customer October 2018

Matt-Gutter-guard-installer “I was absolutely thrilled with the service we received. The crew was extremely courteous, verified everything with me before starting the work, finished in a timely manner, and cleaned up completely afterward. I will definitely be referring anyone who needs this type of work done. “

 -A. Eads, Customer May 2018

“The gentleman [Matt] who installed it was very professional, very polite, and knowledgeable in showing me how it is actually done for strength and longevity.”

– S. Savage, Customer March 2018


What is Matt like to work with?


“I enjoy working with Matt due to his great work ethic, leadership skills, deep well of knowledge and experience and his bubbly personality.”

 – Riley, Gutter Cover Technician

I love Matt’s sense of humor – he jokes about many things and keeps us from getting too serious. He also was willing to sit in the dunk tank at our summer party. Everyone wanted to dunk Matt! I appreciated that he not only can dish it out but he can take it as well.”

– Doug Stacye, CEO


What does Matt think about Gutter Cover Kansas City®?


Matt enjoys working at Gutter Cover Kansas City® because “It’s great to go back after years of them being installed and they say it was the best decision they have made.”

Matt can vouch for the Advantage Gutter Guard® from Gutter Cover Kansas City ® because he has it on his home and he installed it on his parent’s home too.

As far as the job itself, Matt says “you feel like you deserve what you make and ownership is easy to get along with.”


What is Matt like on the weekend?


Matt is a family man.

When we asked his hobbies, he said “my wife and kids.” Matt is a family man.

Matt has a beautiful wife and two adorable boys and they all like to have fun! You might run into them at the park, the zoo, a Royals game, or a bowling alley.

They also find time for some memorable family vacations too…like New York!

memorable family vacations

In addition to having a lot of fun, they’ve taught their kids the importance of caring about people. They spend time every month as a family volunteering in the community.


We are proud to say

we’ve enjoyed having Matt

work for Gutter Cover Kansas

City® for 15 Years.


Now you can be comfortable knowing that your water problems are in the hands of an expert whose goal is to help solve your problems and ultimately, make you happy that you called Gutter Cover Kansas City.  When you need a quality technician at your home to install gutter guard systems, think of Matt and Gutter Cover Kansas City.  We always provide a no-hassle, free estimate, to make sure we create a customized solution that is right for your home.