Is Advantage Gutter Guard® Too Heavy for Gutters?

The entire Advantage Gutter Guard® system is made of durable, high-quality heavy gauge aluminum. When doing research, you will find that this stands in contrast to systems that use thinner materials or even plastic (poly…) in their designs. So, the question is, ‘Does having a gutter guard made of the highest quality materials weigh the guttering system down, or brace it up?

Short answer: Advantage Gutter Guard® adds considerable strength and support, fortifying your entire guttering system. It will never weigh it down. This has been proven through third-party testing. 

2 Reasons Advantage Gutter Guard® Is Not Too Heavy For Your Gutters

    1. Increased bracket support. We add 3 heavy-duty guttering brackets for every 5 feet of gutters.
    2. Decreases the load the gutter must support. Advantage Gutter Guard® prevents debris from blocking water flow, which eliminates standing water and ice within the gutter.

Ready to strengthen your gutters and end gutter cleaning? Get a free estimate by filling out this form. In the meantime, here are some more details about how Advantage Gutter Guard® has been proven to strengthen your existing guttering system.

Third-Party Testing

We knew from years of experience that our gutter guard wasn’t too heavy for gutters. Still, we wanted to get an exact measurement of how much a guttering system with Advantage Gutter Guard® could handle. So, we had it third-party tested.

The result: A guttering system with Advantage Gutter Guard® installed can handle 122 lbs. per linear foot. To put that into perspective, it can support 4 feet of solid ice, or 12 feet of snow stacked on top of it. That’s dramatically more than your average gutter.

Conclusion: Advantage Gutter Guard ® is not too heavy for gutters, in fact, it adds additional strength to gutters.

How Does Advantage Gutter Guard® Fortify Gutters?

When installing Advantage Gutter Guard®, a solid, thick aluminum bracket is used. This bracket acts as a secondary gutter support – adding additional strength to the gutter itself. This means for every 5 feet of Advantage Gutter Guard® you have three additional heavy-duty brackets reinforcing the gutter to the home.

Advantage Gutter Guard’s® Brackets Accomplish Three Things:

  1. Attach Advantage Gutter Guard® to your guttering system.
  2. Guarantee that Advantage Gutter Guard ® is not too heavy for your guttering system.
  3. Allow your existing guttering system to handle a heavier load.


Advantage Gutter Guard® Lightens the Load

Gutters Are Protected Spring, Summer, Fall

During the warmer months of the year, there is regular debris that lands in an uncovered gutter. Flowers, oak tassels (more commonly known as stringy things), maple seeds (also known as whirlybirds, helicopters, and spinners), pine needles, leaves, gum balls, etc. constantly fill gutters. 

Even the most diligent homeowner cannot hope to keep their unprotected gutters clean all the time. Here lies the problem: just one handful of debris can clog the gutters leaving no quick route for water to drain. This means that not just the weight of the debris, but the weight of the standing water is pulling the gutters away from the home.

Gutters Are Protected in the Winter

In the winter, the standing water turns into ice. Add snow onto the ice filled gutters and the weight can start to be too much causing the gutters to pull away from the home!

Advantage-gutter-guard-strenghtens-the-gutters-so-they-can handle-the-weight-of-the-snow-this-gutter-guard-is-not-too-heavy-for-the-gutters-it-is-bracing-it-up

Advantage Gutter Guard® Lighten’s the Gutter’s Load In Two Ways:

  1. Keeps debris out, preventing clogging and standing water.
  2. During installation Gutter Cover KC carefully adjusts the gutters slope – ensuring that water has a proper drainage route. This again means, no standing water or ice in the gutters.

Why is Advantage Gutter Guard® Made of Heavy Gauge Aluminum?

The professionals at Gutter Cover KC pride themselves in providing high-quality, long-term solutions. When dealing with a product that is in the elements – facing both the sweltering heat of Kansas City summers and bitter cold winters – heavy gauge aluminum is a must.

Plastic products warp in the summer and get brittle and break in the winter. A gutter protection system that uses plastic for support will probably not last long in the extremes of the Kansas City climate. 

Thin, flimsy metals are cheap and may warp and dent easily, or fail under heavy weight, resulting in misdirection of water flow.

Rather than being too heavy our gutter guard’s heavy gauge aluminum system is strong enough to both protect and fortify your gutters in even the most extreme climates.

Ready to Fortify Your Gutters?

If your gutters are sagging, overflowing, or constantly collecting debris, why not get Advantage Gutter Guard® installed? 

We are happy to offer free, no pressure estimates that include a thorough 21-point inspection of your entire guttering system. You can rest assured that your gutters are in tip-top shape and never worry about them again. It’s as simple as giving us a call!

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