5 Tips for Avoiding Home Improvement Scams in Kansas City, Missouri

Here at Gutter Cover of Kansas City, we want to help homeowners avoid all home improvement scams.


With spring approaching, home improvements and projects are shortly to follow. Whether you plan to hire the workout or do it yourself that is completely up to you. However, if you do plan on hiring the workout, make sure you don’t end up getting scammed. The 5 tips below are very basic, but sometimes the most basic things are not thought about when looking for business quickly. These tips are easy to follow and remember when trying to avoid scams.

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  1. Recommendations, recommendations, recommendations:  We can’t stress enough for homeowners to speak to someone they trust to possibly get a few recommendations for contractors that they have worked with. Get the information on a company from the number one source, their customer. Its one of the easiest and fastest ways to learn about a company and how they not only work but how they treat their customers too.
  2. Reviews; Check out all reviews sites, the big ones, of course, being search engines such as Google, BBB,  Bing, and Yahoo. This is especially relevant when you can’t find any reviews of a particular company.
  3. Credentials: You can check in with your state to check on the licensing of a business to make sure they are a legit business.
  4. Know your rights: Read contracts very carefully, and if something doesn’t sit well with you think it over before signing. As a customer under federal law, you have three days to cancel most contracts that are signed.
  5. GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING: Every promise the estimator makes you make sure they include it in the contract you sign. A written record of everything agreed upon will be a great reference to return to if issues should come up.

Gutter Cover’s Response as a Business:

This is great advice for not only individuals that have been homeowners for many years but also new homeowners starting their first update on their new home.

In conclusion here at Gutter Cover of Kansas City, we always tell our customers if they are looking for opinions on our work that they feel free to go check out a few of our review sites. As a result from that, they can see what our customers state about us 1st hand.

Google Reviews

Yellow Pages 


Angie’s List

BBB- Better Business Bureau

Reference Came From a Consumer Reports article.

Don’t get nailed by a contractor—slippery tactics could cost you a bundle