1. Safety First
Safety is a priority. We use ladder safety equipment such as stabilizer bars and leg levelers to protect your home and our crews. Our entire team is fully covered by Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance.
2. Clean
Technicians thoroughly clean the gutters and downspouts. Special effort is made to protect your home and landscaping.
3. Repair or Replace
Existing gutters are inspected and repaired, including adjusting for proper drainage, resloping, and firmly attaching to home. If new gutters are required, we will install seamless, aluminum 5" or 6" guttering with large downspouts to handle heavy rainfall.
4. Seal
Gutter seams are sealed with an extremely durable, flexible, tripolymer sealant that forms a watertight seal to help prevent drips and leaks.
5. Reinforce
The heavy duty, all aluminum bracket is installed every 28”.  It is provides added reinforcement to the gutter system and secures Advantage Gutter Guard™ with NO ROOF PENETRATION.
6. Align
A metal break aligns the gutter protection system to match the pitch of the roof for optimal water control.
7. Detailed Installation
Advantage Gutter Guard™ is installed based on measurements of roof and gutter. It was specifically designed to be low profile and beautiful on every home. We have experience in custom fitting the cover with each unique roof style and home architecture.
8. Flow
Special roof valley components are installed to allow for the increased flow of water.
9. Final Check
After installation is complete, technicians carefully clean up and make a final check for any debris around the house.