Do You Have Noisy Downspouts?

Here’s the Solution – Silent Spout ®

Silent Spout® is a revolutionary downspout that is dramatically quieter than the traditional noisy downspout – while keeping the same look, function, and high-quality materials. This means it can be added seamlessly to an existing guttering system, regardless of style or color.

The patent-pending Silent Spout is exclusively available through Gutter Cover Kansas City ®. It has been tested to dampen downspout noise by 50%!

Find Peace & Quiet with Silent Spout®

Get the world’s first luxury downspout installed on your home with your purchase of new guttering and/or Advantage Gutter Guard® from Gutter Cover KC ®.

The Silent Spout® Story

The search for a quiet downspout began one Saturday morning when Doug awoke much too early to a frustratingly loud and consistent ‘drip’ sound. A brief investigation brought him to a  noisy downspout just outside his bedroom.

He started with Google:

A Google Search Will Get You ‘Quick-Fix’, Short Term Solutions Such As:

– ‘Buy a section of PVC pipe, 5-6 inches in diameter. Slip it up around the downspout in the offending area. Then fill the space between the downspout and the PVC pipe with expanding foam.’

– ‘Stick a sock in the downspout’

– ‘Glue a sponge to the inside of the downspout’

– ‘Nail artificial turf nailed inside the lower elbow of the downspout’

– ‘Swap the downspout out for an ugly, flimsy plastic one’

These options are not only short-lived, ineffective, and problematic, but they also lower the overall curb appeal of a home.

The Search Continues

Driven to find a solution, Doug consulted with industries that utilize noise-dampening technology. This education provided him with the knowledge he needed to innovate. He developed a theory and tried it out on his own home. The result: peace and quiet!

Over the years, several of Doug’s customers asked whether he knew of any solution for noisy downspouts. Doug installed the technology now known as Silent Spout ® on their home. Again, these noisy downspouts became quiet.