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Consistent 5-star reviews and customer service awards on various platforms year after year!

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Gutter Cover KC®’s – Success Formula:


Gutter Cover Kansas City ® – More Than Just A Gutter Guard Company

We’re committed to finding answers to gutter problems, solving issues, and providing the best gutter guard with guaranteed success. We go beyond slapping on a guard – we look for the “why” and ensure your entire gutter system works flawlessly. Our professionals are trained to find and fix problems, and our product, Advantage Gutter Guard®, is time-tested and customer-proven!

That’s What it Takes to be the Best Rated Gutter Guard!

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Need More Proof? Our Customer’s Testimonials and Reviews Say It Better Than We Could:

Chuck and Sue on their Journey for the Best Gutter Cover

Gutter Cleaning Causing Challenges

Chuck Robinson is a very capable man when it comes to home maintenance. He spent his entire career in construction. However, their beautiful, well-established maple trees proved to be quite the challenge when it came to gutter cleaning and maintenance.

Why Do They Need the Best Gutter Guards?

    • Chuck tried screen gutter guards, but they only caught debris and didn’t solve the issue. Still cleaning gutters 2-3 times a year
    • Chuck was frequently using a ladder and going on the roof, which made his wife Sue uneasy
    • They realized they needed a safer and more durable solution for their clogged gutters

As a last resort, they cut down trees in the front. But then still faced issues with neighbor’s leaves. Despite efforts, they experienced water damage, with Chuck’s fascia rotting in all four corners.

Gutter Cover Kansas City®’s ADVANTAGE GUTTER GUARD® was the solution. If you’ve already tried everything else with no desirable result OR you would like to skip trying everything else and jump to the final solution – give Gutter Cover Kansas City® a call. 

Spotlight On: Customer Comments That Brighten The Day

A Celebration of the Amazing Feedback From Gutter Cover KC®’s Valued Clients.

Read as Gutter Cover KC® shares genuine comments that reflect their customers’ experiences. This video is a testament to the joy and satisfaction their company/products/services provide. Join in on appreciating the positive experiences clients have had with Gutter Cover Kansas City®.

Experience the Ease and Effectiveness of Gutter Cover KC® – Your Home’s Protection Made Simple

A Happy Homeowner from Kansas City – His Experience with Gutter Cover KC®:

  1. No Pressure: We keep things easy and stress-free
  2. Answered All Questions: Clear answers for confident decisions
  3. Reasonable Estimate Price: Fair pricing you can trust
  4. Custom Plan To Fit Budget: Tailored solutions that work for you
  5. Effective Products: Our solutions get the job done

Mike started with Advantage Gutter Guard® on part of his home, he was so pleased with its performance now his whole house is covered.

Advantage Gutter Guard ®: A Gutter Guard that Works in ALL Seasons

Customer Praises Advantage Gutter Guard® Installation:

One-Stop Shop: Gutter Cover Kansas City® is commended as a comprehensive solution for gutters

Incredible Contractors: Craig was recognized for an early quote & Monte was highlighted for a world-class installation

Excellence from Start to Finish: Alex emphasizes the outstanding individuals involved. Sharon was acknowledged for appointment scheduling and payment processing. Matt appreciated for customizing the gutter cover

Setting a New Standard: Alex thanks the company for customer service and craftsmanship. Gutter Cover Kansas City® was recognized for establishing a new standard

Satisfied Customer – His Year-long Experience With Advantage Gutter Guard®

From sales to installation, the entire process was described as ‘world-class’

Installation and Performance:

    • Initially installed gutter covers on the top half of the house
    • Witnessed exceptional performance through all four seasons

Product Excellence:

    • Impressed by the product’s excellence/expanded protection:
    • Extended protection to the bottom half of the house

Customer Ongoing Care and Service:

    • Expressing gratitude for the lifetime warranty
    • Highlighting excitement for the enduring relationship formed with the Gutter Cover KC® team

What Gutter Problems Do We Help Solve?

Discover Why Gutter Cover KC® Stood Out to a Homeowner Dealing With Constant Gutter Cleaning:

Mike’s Gutter Challenges:

  1. End Gutter Clogs: With trees shedding debris year-round, Mike faced frequent clogs, leading to maintenance headaches
  2. Help Control Rainwater: The need for effective rainwater management was crucial to prevent issues caused by overflowing gutters
  3. Save Time: Climbing a ladder frequently for gutter cleaning took up valuable time that Mike wanted to reclaim
  4. Stay Off The Ladder: Avoiding the risks of climbing ladders for routine maintenance became a priority for Mike’s safety and convenience

Why Gutter Cover KC® Caught His Attention:

  1. Local Kansas City Company: As a local company, Gutter Cover KC® understood the unique challenges of the area and provided personalized solutions
  2. Stellar Reviews: Positive reviews from satisfied customers showcased the company’s commitment to excellent service
  3. Innovative Product Design: The innovative design of Gutter Cover KC’s products offered a solution tailored to Mike’s specific needs
  4. Competitive Pricing: Mike found Gutter Cover KC’s pricing to be competitive, making it a practical and cost-effective choice

Unveiling the Secrets Behind Our Transparent & Pressure-Free Pricing! Customer Review Reveals All

Discover the Value of Time and Fair Pricing!

In this remarkable review, a satisfied customer shares their positive experience with Gutter Cover KC®’s team’s patient and respectful approach.

Avoid the Sales Pressure – Start With Our Estimates First

We prioritize your decision-making process:

    • Our team is patient and respectful.
    • No immediate pressure to commit – we give you space to think

Our pricing integrity remains consistent:

    • Even after our team member leaves, the price stays the same 
    • Reflects dedication to fairness and transparency

Customer-Centric Values:

    • Our values redefine the service experience
    • Discover the difference with our customer-centric approach

Gutter Cover KC®’s Awards


Gutter Cover KC ® is One of the Top Gutter Guard Providers With Over 20+ Years of Experience in the Kansas City Area

Experience From a Gutter Cover KC® Customer Since 2013

Tom has both this home in KC and his lake home protected with our gutter guard product

Tom also had a shop that struggled with clogged gutters. He tried the DIY Gutter Guards on his shop, however, they did not work

Gutter Cover Kansas City® returned to his home and completed their professional gutter guard installation on his shop.

Why Is Advantage Gutter Guard® One Of The Best Rated Gutter Guards?

Discover Why Mike Chose Advantage Gutter Guard® Over Other Products

(examples of other products include: micro mesh gutter guards, leaf filters, gutter screens, brush gutter guards, & foam gutter guards.)

Mike faced issues with a traditional gutter screen that acted more like a tabletop for debris. When the rain came, water overflowed due to the screen not working correctly for his home and the type of debris his trees dropped.

Why Advantage Gutter Guard®?

  1. Not a Gutter Screen: Unlike traditional screens, Advantage Gutter Guard® is not just another tabletop
  2. Beveled Design (Nose Forward Design Using Surface Tension): Our innovative design ensures effective water control, preventing overflow issues
  3. Controls Water: Experience hassle-free rainwater management with our superior-designed reverse curve gutter guards
  4. No More Gutter Clogs: Say goodbye to clogs and the headaches they bring. Our product keeps your gutters clear and flowing
  5. Handles Even Small Debris: From large leaves to tiny particles, Advantage Gutter Guard® handles it all, keeping your gutters free of obstructions

Discover the WIN-WIN DESIGN with Advantage Gutter Guard®- Click Here To Start Your Free Estimate

Gutter Related Basement Flooding Solutions 

Chris from Overland Park, KS finds a solution for his leaking basement due to his gutters

From Start to Finish – A Happy Gutter Cover KC® Customer!

Quality Customer Care + Gutter Guards Installed Respectfully = Gutter Cover KC®

Hear from Gloria about our installation team, and how they respect homeowner’s property and provide professional high-quality gutter guard installation.

Pro Tips from a Happy Homeowner: Finding the Best Rated Gutter Guard System!

Mike has been a satisfied customer of Gutter Cover KC® for over three years! He’s here to share valuable advice for fellow homeowners in the same boat looking for professionally installed gutter guards.

  1. Do Your Research: Mike stresses the importance of thoroughly researching your options when it comes to gutter guards
  2. Check Testimonials: Learn from real customer experiences to make an informed decision
  3. Look for Genuine Reviews: Authentic reviews from satisfied customers can guide your choices

So, Why Does Mike Wholeheartedly Recommend Gutter Cover KC®?

  1. Good Vibe: Mike appreciates the positive and friendly atmosphere at Gutter Cover KC®
  2. Not Pushy: He’s pleased that they aren’t pushy salespeople but genuinely care about your needs
  3. Products Work as Advertised: Mike confirms that Gutter Cover KC’s products do exactly what they promise
  4. Custom Options for Installation and Budget: They offer personalized solutions to suit your home and budget

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