Solid Cover

The Gutter Cover™ is completely solid on top. This is key to an effective gutter cover system. There are no openings, holes, slots, mesh, or foam that may become clogged up with debris. This can prevent water from entering the gutter. The solid surface means solid protection.

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Surface Tension

The unique angle surface design of The Gutter Cover™ and the scientifically proven principle of surface tension ensures even the heaviest rainfall is carried safely into the gutter and away from the house. The water flows around the nose forward surface and back into the gutter system.

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Nose Forward Design

The Gutter Cover™ unique nose forward design extends past the front edge of the gutter, causing debris to fall harmlessly to the ground while water flows easily around the nose and effortlessly into the gutter. Debris is deflected away from the gutter ensuring your gutters stay clean and free flowing.

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Strong Design

The patented cover and bracket system of The Gutter Cover™ provides superior protection from weather elements. The Gutter Cover™ is made with sturdy, high gauge, all metal (no plastic) and rust free construction. The Gutter Cover™ and bracket holds its own in high winds, heavy rain, burning heat and blizzards. The Gutter Cover™ offers an effective gutter cover in Kansas City that protects your home year round!

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Versatile Design

The versatile design of The Gutter Cover™ allows it to easily adapt to all roof pitches from flat to steep. It works with all roof styles: metal, wood, shake, concrete, tile, slate, stone coated steel, and composition. The color will blend beautifully with your roof and/or gutters.

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Attractive Design

The attractive design of The Gutter Cover™ is engineered to form a low profile. When installed, it creates an almost invisible appearance and works with any roof type. A wide selection of attractive colors means your home’s exterior will remain beautiful and uncluttered.

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