Copper gutters are durable, sustainable and absolutely gorgeous. Not only are they the designers choice, but their long life (~100 years) also makes them the “intelligent choice.” –

Our copper gutters are seamless and 6 inch. They can come in both K-Style & Half-Round. With half-round gutters, you can choose from several decorative bracket and downspout outlet options.

Ready to get seamless copper gutters on your home? Fantastic! 

Our guttering professionals will do a free, custom evaluation of your guttering project and make sure that your new guttering system is designed to perform optimally.

Should I Get Copper Gutters?

Copper gutters are considered the best guttering material for 3 reasons: Durability, Sustainability & Incredible Curb Appeal


Copper gutters last generations. These will be the last gutters you will ever buy for your forever home. Remarkable for its resistance to corrosion, moss growth, mold, mildew and fungi. The patina coating adds to copper’s durability against extreme sources of heat and contact with other materials without issue.

Copper is an intelligent choice of materials because of its low maintenance, high resistance to corrosion and long life.” – 

Copper gutters will turn your home into a legacy by lasting upwards of 100 years. 


Copper is naturally produced and is one of the few metals that is fully sustainable. Only 12% of known copper reserves have been mined. 

Unlike other materials that break down and weaken overtime, Copper can be repeatedly recycled. It has nearly twice the recycled value of aluminum and almost four times the recycled value of stainless steel. New copper gutters are made from copper that is 70% to 100% recycled.

Incredible Curb-Appeal

New, their brilliant sheen forms a stunning crown. As copper ages, its patina communicates a sophisticated elegance.

“These metals are like the statement jewelry of your home, adding elegant, timeless style!” – JULIE BLANNER


Half Round or K-Style Copper Gutters

What Are Half Round Gutters?

Half-round gutters are just what you might think – a rounded gutter. Many people choose half-round gutters because it has a unique style that adds a decorative flare to a home. Half-round gutters are that extra touch that will set your home apart from all others in the neighborhood.

Half-Round Gutters have the option for extra finishings like exterior hangers and decorative downspout outlets. If you are going for an one-of-a-kind customized home exterior, copper half-round gutters is the ultimate choice.

What Are K-Style Gutters?

K-Style gutters, sometimes called Ogee gutters are a classic standard. They have a box base, with a decorative curve on their face. They look like crown molding on the edge of the roof.

Half Round vs K-Style Gutters

The real difference between Half-Round and K-Style gutters is appearance. European gutters function just like traditional K-style guttering. However, their water capacity is slightly under the K-Style gutter of the same size. That’s why we recommend 6-inch half-round gutters for a standard home.

You really can’t go wrong with copper gutters! Chose the style that best matches the style of the rest of your home.

Quality Installation

Our team is dedicated to providing quality service and gutter installation to protect your home.  We make sure the job is done right by:

 – Constantly training and performing quality checks. 

–  Teaching our team to respect your home and property.

–  Always leaving the site clean

– Keeping our team fully licensed and insured.

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Copper Gutter Guards

Gutter guards provide immense protection for a home. Gutters channel thousands of gallons of water per rainstorm to protect your home from water damage. With clogged, improperly functioning gutters a home is susceptible to wood rot, mold, mildew, flooded basements, foundation damage, and landscaping issues. 

Advantage Gutter Guard ® is available in copper and is patented and designed for both K-Style and Half-Round gutters. It will complement and maintain the beauty of your new copper gutters.

Copper Silent Spout ® Downspouts

Silent Spout ® is included with your purchase of new gutters and downspouts. Silent Spout ® is exclusive to Gutter Cover KC. Third-party testing proves that Silent Spout ® reduces downspout rain noise by 50%. Our customers have certainly noticed the difference!

Love the Copper Look, But Not The Copper Price?

Then we have an option for you – Copper Penny
Copper Penny is made of heavy gauge aluminum with a specialized paint that gives the appearance of copper. It will never patina, but still give off a rich warmth like copper.
Copper Penny is the closest to the look of shiny new copper that paint can achieve.
Aluminum is the second-best gutter material. Our heavy-gauge aluminum gutters are rust-proof, seamless, and have a 30-year life expectancy.

Sustainable Gutter Materials

We love Kansas City and we love our planet!

Our team makes sure old guttering is recycled and new gutters are made with recyclable materials.

Secondary production (aluminum produced from recycled material) saves more than 90 percent of the energy required to produce primary aluminum.

The recycling of copper requires up to 85% less energy than primary production. Around the world, this saves 40 million tonnes of CO2 annually and the equivalent of 100 million MWh of electricity.

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