Gutter Cover KC Gutter Tips

Gutter Cover KC® wants to help you with all things related to gutters. From cleaning your gutters and underground drains to identifying downspout clogs and more; we are here to provide homeowners with tips on safely handling these gutter situations.

What is the Best Professional Advice for Gutters?

Each of Gutter Cover KC’s videos will have a short overview of dealing with, identifying, and correcting common subjects related to gutters. There will be a link or article provided for more information.


#1 How to Clean your Gutters Safely:


To get all the tips on gutter cleaning visit our article on How to Clean Your Gutters- The Do’s and Don’ts. Where we will discuss the do’s and don’ts of gutter cleaning safely.

Why Is Cleaning Your Gutters Important? Cleaning your gutters is essential for KEEPING A HOME HEALTHY.

Gutters are vital to maintaining your house. Almost all things in and around the house can be affected by a dysfunctional gutter system. Gutters protect important stuff – like air qualitysheetrock, and the very foundation of your home. Cleaning your gutters is extremely important to avoid issues. Cleaning your gutters safely is imperative. Our KC gutter tips will outline what to look for and how to navigate tricky and possibly hazardous situations.

Skip Gutter Cleaning Altogether With Advantage Gutter Guard®

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#2 Watch For Water Damage

KC Live Segment that our owner Doug was on in the past. Learn on how to protect yourself from water damage come the heavy rain.

Learn how to watch for the symptoms of water damage in your home.

Need help with water damage that has happened to your fascia and soffit due to gutters issues? We are here to help. We will inspect your gutter system and provide you a hassle free estimate for a solution to end gutter cleaning.

#3 Ensure Good Gutter Drainage.

How to do it:

Clean your gutters routinely. A CLOGGED GUTTER will send cascades of water down the side of your house, damaging your siding and foundation. Try to make sure your gutters are clean each time it rains or invest in a guaranteed gutter protection system. Ensure your downspouts direct water 6 to 10 feet away from your house. Make sure your yard is sloped at least 6 inches over a 10-foot span away from your foundation. That slope keeps water from getting down right next to your foundation, where it could cause walls to lean, crack the masonry, and create leaks. (For crawl spaces, keeping water away makes sure excess water doesn’t pool underneath your floor, making for damp conditions that encourage mold, rot, and insects.)

But don’t let the soil get too dry, either.

Long dry spells let the soil around your house dry out and shrink. A big rain may make the soil expand, putting pressure on your foundation walls. In a drought, run a soaker hose at least 6 inches from the foundation and 3 inches under the soil to keep the soil from contracting and expanding.

#4 Is there water in your basement? Do you have foundation issues?

Clogged or under-sized gutters may likely be the culprit.

A typical Kansas City rainstorm dumps thousands of gallons of water onto your roof and into your gutters. If there is a clog, the rainwater will be forced over the gutters and will seep into the ground around the foundation. While it may not seem like a big deal, it is a HUGE deal over time. This immense pressure on the foundation causes cracks in your basement and leaks. What an expensive problem!

So what is the best way to keep gutters working properly?

Keep them clean.

While it may seem simple, if you have a lot of trees it can be a tough thing to do. Gutter Cover Kansas City™ recommends you invest in Advantage Gutter Guard® which is a solid, heavy-duty aluminum gutter cover that extends slightly past the edge of the gutter directing rainwater around the nose of the cover and into the gutter while completely blocking out debris.

You will know there’s a problem if, when inspecting your gutters, you see stains on them or if you see water pooling around the foundation or downspouts when it rains.

Gutter Cover KC® offers a free inspection to make sure your gutters are working correctly and, if they’re not, they’ll provide you with a free estimate on how to solve your gutter issues.

To get your free inspection give Gutter Cover Kansas City a call or visit our website at Gutters protect your house, let Advantage Gutter Guard® protect your gutters!


We will continue to update our KC Gutter Tips page with new tips. So check back if you ever are looking for advice with gutter problems.