8 Inch gutter installation in North KC

North Kansas City Home with 8inch gutters

Installing 8-inch gutters on a home with water issues.

This week’s project consisted of installing not only gutter protection on a home but also 8-inch gutters. So why did we choose to install such large gutters for this particular home? Every home can have a different solution, in this case, it was a beautiful, heavily treed home in North Kansas City. The home had overflow issues for two reasons:

  1. Clogged Gutters
  2. Insufficient downspout and gutter size to handle water volume

The home already had six-inch gutters installed, however, this home had clogged gutters and very large roof volume. The existing gutter system couldn’t handle moderate to heavy rain.

To remedy the situation we installed 8-inch gutter over the front entry with a 4 inch X 5-inch downspout.  (Please see the picture below with size difference).

size comparison for gutter sizing

The situation started out as follows: “The homeowner called Gutter Cover Kansas City® to both reduce maintenance and for greater water control in a few areas of the home. The design of the front of the house, although beautiful, had a large and steep roof-line which directed all the rainfall to a relatively small section of gutter. As a result of this, he had chronic overflow issues in that area. It was determined that a 6-inch gutter was not large enough to properly hold and control the water. Gutter Cover Kansas City® was able to install an 8-inch gutter, a larger size, and then protect that gutter from debris by installing gutter guards. This ensured that whether a result of volume or debris this homeowner would no longer have to deal with the frustrations of overflow or its resulting problems.”

Below are a few additional photos of the job.

Tight corner installation with 8inch gutters 8 inch gutters North kansas city home getting gutter protectiongutter outlet sizinggutter outlet size

In addition, there are a few photos of our technicians working on the job.

corner installation of 8 inch gutters technition installing 8 inch gutters


Finally, if you are stressing about water troubles with your gutters contact us and let us solve your problem.