Prairie Village Gutter & Cover Installation

Before and after images of an install for gutter and gutter protection in Prairie Village

before and after installation on home

A beautiful home sitting on a scenic street In Prairie Village, is getting a gutter update!

home in Prairie Village before installation
Before Gutter and Cover installation in Prairie Village

Before and after photos come in handy when you’re looking for a product to install on your home. Most homeowners are proud of their homes and want to show them off. Typically a home is one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime. You wouldn’t want to add anything to it that would drastically affect the way it looks. With home improvement products you need both functionality/performance and attractiveness. This post helps to illustrate just how low profile our cover’s design really is. From the before photo to the after photo, the cover is almost invisible. Most would say unless your really looking for it, you won’t even notice its there. Our beautifully designed cover is not only designed to perform, but it is also designed to be a low profile on any home. If you would like to see more photos of our work check out our portfolio page.

A project we completed in Prairie Village

For this home in Prairie Village Gutter Cover of Kansas City installed 6-inch white gutters, 3×4 downspouts in white, and topped it all off with gutter protection in Bronze. Typically we will try to match the roof color with the cover, this helps add to the sleek finish it gives your home.

Below are a few photos of the job being completed.

installation being completed     prairie village install     before and after gutter system upgrade

After the job is all finished being installed we do a final check to make sure everything is complete and cleaned up.

If you are looking for gutter guards in Prairie Village, Kansas fill out our estimate form and we will contact you.

After gutter and cover installatoin on home in Prairie Village
After Installation of New Gutter and Cover