Clogged gutters – what do you value more, time or money?

Are Clogged Gutters Costing You Time?

“Money can in fact buy time. And it buys time pretty effectively,” said Professor Dunn, who worked with colleagues at Harvard Business School, Maastricht University and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.  Dunn continues, “And so my take-home message is, ‘think about it, is there something you hate doing that fills you with dread and could you pay somebody else to do that for you?’ If so, then science says that’s a pretty good use of money.” Who doesn’t dread cleaning clogged gutters?

What do you feel is more valuable, time or money? Stress from clogged gutters can manifest itself in many ways such as leaking gutters, gutter chores, foundation issues, wet basements, damaged gutters, and of course the stress caused by climbing ladders. So the big question is, would you rather spend your time worrying about cleaning your gutters or pay someone to clean them for you? Even better yet, pay someone to eliminate the chore of cleaning your gutters all together.

Gutter Cover Kansas City values our customers’ time and quality of life. It is our goal to eliminate the stress that is caused by clogged gutters.  We don’t just provide a gutter cover, we provide a custom solution for your unique guttering system to prevent clogged gutters.  Our estimators evaluate your guttering with a 23 point inspection, looking for issues you may not even know are there.  We provide the best in gutter protection installed by trained technicians who care about doing the job right.

A blog posted by the BBC caught our attention. It’s a question that probably comes up often, quality of life vs saving money. Which outweighs the other?

Of course, the cost comes into the factor most – if not all the time. But can you really put a price on your own time? These are questions everyone has to ask themselves, and the outcomes will certainly be different for everyone. However, it is an important question to consider.

We want to save you time and your sanity in dealing with gutter issues. A rather small inconvenience in the larger scheme of everything you have to deal with from day to day. However, this small issue in some cases can become quite a large one for individuals. Some homeowners have to clean their gutters multiple times a year, while others only take on the task once a year. Every situation can be different. But one constant variable is time. Your time spent cleaning gutters, worrying about gutters, or stressing about a wet basement every time it rains. That’s where Gutter Cover of Kansas City comes into the picture. Rather then you cleaning the gutters or paying someone to clean your gutters, we eliminate all of that. We guarantee to clog-free gutters for a lifetime. So how much time will that save you? Maybe a little, maybe a lot. But, it will save you time, the time you can spend doing something you enjoy.

Prof Dunn states; “Past research has found that people who prioritize time over money tend to be happier than people who prioritize money over time.”

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