Finding Serenity in a Rain Chain

Rain Chains

March is Here… and Spring Showers Are Right Around The Corner!

I know I’m dating myself but do you remember the Calgon commercials?  They typically showed a woman/mother at a hectic pace who eventually could escape to a refreshing, soothing bath.  The ad words, “Calgon, take me away!”  We all need those small moments of escape to feel revitalized – to find serenity. There are many studies and articles that have been done to show the benefits of how relaxation can be beneficial to you. Let’s face it, we all know we need it, it’s just how to go about having the time for it.

The Japanese culture is known for working in harmony with nature creating serene conditions around them.  Even in designing functional objects such as the rain chain.  The rain chain originated in Japan hundreds of years ago and is not only practical but is aesthetically pleasing to look at and also soothing to listen to as the water cascades gently down the chain.You may not want rain chains around your entire house, but in an area such as a patio where you can sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, you may find the serenity of a rain chain very appealing.  Instead of a downspout, install a rain chain from the gutter above.  The water can run down into a rain barrel or a large collection bowl. (perhaps filled with colorful pebbles)

There are also a few different styles of rain chains offered.

Link designs are the closest to the original form when rain chains were first invented. They tend to splash more than other styles; this will be important considering link chains for areas that are near doors, windows or walkways. Link chains benefit is to offer the most open, airy look and cleanliness when hanging from your roof.

Cup designs are a step up in improvement over links chains with both performance and efficiency handling water. With open bottoms, they act as funnels, focusing the water from one cup down into the next one. Even in heavy rainfall that we might get, the cup style rain chain splashes very little, so they can be placed anywhere near your home. Cups also come in many different shapes and sizes with a lot of variety available for you.

Who doesn’t enjoy the soothing sounds of a water feature or a gentle summer rain?  Perhaps a rain chain would be the right fit for you to find some serenity in life.