First Rain Gutters and Now Advantage Gutter Guard®

Rain gutters have changed over the years. There is a natural progression to better a product after the initial invention.  Take for example computers.  The first commercially available computers came in the 1950s designed for business functions such as banking and accounting.  These computers were large and took up a lot of space (sometimes entire rooms).  With the invention of the microchip, computers became smaller and less expensive so that they became practical for small businesses and even individuals.  The microchip led to the microprocessor that figured into the eventual development of personal computers.  We see how this natural progression has rapidly led to what we have today – even our phones are computers.

Like any other product, rain gutters have also progressed.  From stone gutters and gargoyles to the seamless aluminum gutters and downspouts that are common today.  But what has not changed are the falling leaves, debris and bird’s nests that accumulate in gutters.  As stated in a previous blog,   “When the need for something becomes imperative, you are forced to find ways of getting or achieving it”.  Therefore what has resulted in a cover that installs over the gutter to protect a home.

Keeping gutters and downspouts clean is not an easy job and can be potentially dangerous.  A common reason that basements flood is due to overflowing gutters because they are clogged.  If a property has mature trees it becomes essential to clean the gutters several times a year.  Advantage Gutter Guard® installs over existing gutters allowing water to flow in and keeping debris out.  It, therefore, relieves the homeowner of climbing a ladder to clean out the gutter (or hiring someone else to do it) and prevents water from overflowing gutters from seeping through the foundation walls.

There is a vast array of gutter protection systems on the market – so how do you choose the one that works?  Foremost is a designed cover that has been proven to work and secondly a cover that adds beauty to a home, not detracts from it.  Advantage Gutter Guard® fulfills both of those requirements and more…

Advantage Gutter Guard® Design Features

        Solid Cover Design – No openings, holes, slots, mesh or foam to become clogged with debris

        Nose Forward Design – Extends past front edge of gutter deflecting debris away

        Roof Versatility – Can be installed with any type of roof

        Attractive Design – Low profile, streamlined and barely visible

        Superior Strength – Patented solid cover and bracket system made of sturdy, high gauge, all metal, rust-free construction.

        Surface Tension – The scientifically proven principle of surface tension ensures that even the heaviest rainfall is carried safely into the gutter.

If you would like to experience freedom from cleaning out your gutters, please call Gutter Cover Kansas City® to make an appointment for a free, no-obligation estimate at 816-246-7881.