Our Gutter Protection Compared to LeafGuard Gutter System

Last week our company, Gutter Cover of Kansas City, removed the LeafGuard Gutter System product from a home in North Kansas City because they were having issues with water running over and behind the LeafGuard system.

We replaced the improperly functioning system with five-inch, aluminum, seamless guttering, and gutter protection.  The LeafGuard gutters were clean, however completely undersized for the amount of water carried by the roof.  In addition, they were installed below the drip edge, which allowed water to run down the fascia and behind the gutter. (See pictures below of the LeafGuard installation before removal.)

Leaf Guard Installation
Leaf Guard Product way below drip edge exposing fascia

It seems to be necessary for the LeafGuard System to be installed so low below the drip edge in order to get proper slope.  Because the system is all in one, it runs the entire length of the house.  To slope the ends towards the downspout for proper drainage requires the ends to be lowered, leaving a large gap between the roof line and gutter.  Not only is this very unattractive to the appearance of the home, but it also exposes the fascia, and allows water to run behind the gutter.  A better installation would have included a flashing to cover the gap between the drip edge along the roofline and the gutter. While this would have solved the water running behind the gutter, it still would look unsightly, with quite a bit of metal exposed, and would not have addressed the issue that the gutters were too small to handle the water.

After Removal of Leaf Guard and Installation of Gutter Cover and Gutter

Now please look at the after picture with newly installed, larger guttering and gutter system that dramatically improves the curb appeal of the home providing a trimmed appearance between the roof and the gutter.  It is virtually invisible once installed, which is our goal – to improve the look of your home, not detract from it.  Because the product comes in smaller sections it can adjust with the line of the roof and the slope of the guttering, preventing unsightly gaps.  It is also our goal to be sure your gutter system can handle the rainfall, directing the rain away from your home and foundation.

Advantage Gutter Guard® is a proven gutter protection system that is guaranteed to prevent debris from clogging the gutter.  For over 15 years Gutter Cover of Kansas City has solved guttering problems for thousands of homeowners in the Kansas City metro and surrounding areas.

We believe that Advantage Gutter Guard® is the best gutter guard on the market today.