Gutter Cover Kansas City Review

We Just have to Share This Wonderful Gutter Cover Kansas City Review of Our Deserving Staff!

We recently received this Gutter Cover Kansas City review and our hard-working team deserves the praise. The nice comments in the following review express exactly the culture we cultivate as a company. Taking care of our customers from the first contact to as long as they continue as a customer.

However, it’s our employees who carry it out day after day, in severe cold or heat. Whether recognized or not they strive to do the right thing even when no one is watching.  They look out for the homeowners’ interests in protecting their home from water damage. In addition, they do so at a fair price, not taking advantage of the situation. From courteous, efficient office staff, to knowledgeable in-home consultants, to professional technicians they provide award-winning service every day.

We are proud someone felt so good about their service they wrote this glowing review as a thank you for their excellent work!

Gutter Cover Kansas City Review by H. Laird – Mission, KS:

“Exceptional! I can’t say enough great things about Gutter Cover of KC. I researched companies online and narrowed my choices down to 3. GCKC was the quickest to respond, made an appointment on the phone and showed up on time. The sales rep said that my existing gutters could be replaced, but it wasn’t absolutely necessary and he gave me prices for the job with and without new guttering (very reasonable). He estimated the amount of repair & replacement needed for the soffits & fascia and explained that if they encountered more damage during the job, it could affect the price and exactly how much per sq. ft. that could be (also very reasonable). Company #2 came by later and not only insisted that the gutters needed to be replaced but by the time the rep was finished, presented me with an offer that was more than double that of Gutter Cover. When I questioned all the extra work, the rep insisted that it all needed to be done. I almost laughed. All he had to do was look around at my 1,300 sf home, badly in need of a paint job and the 15-year-old Nissan in the driveway to know that I wasn’t going to be talked into the Gold Plan. Company #3 had an estimate similar to GCKC. However, after reading a little more on the internet, I made my final decision because I just felt more comfortable with the reputation and guarantees offered by Gutter Cover of Kansas. They were backed up by a month, even in November and promised to call when they got closer to the time. I reasoned that since I had waited this long, I could wait another month and besides, it’s not like they were the only company in town so if they were busy, that they must mean they are good. The Monday of the week I had noted in my calendar, they called and said they planned to come that Friday. By Thursday, the forecast was very bleak – freezing rain, etc. and I fully expected them to cancel. Friday morning they called to tell me that they were going to be arriving a little later in the day, as they wanted to pre-prime the raw wood for the repairs indoors first so it would be dry – and could be installed regardless of the weather (who knew?!). They showed up late morning and worked without stopping until dusk and I watched in amazement – this cat-in-the-hat crew packing, dusting, sweeping, and gathering up the final bits as the sun set behind them. There was no screw or scrap left behind and not a dime over the original estimate. A week later it rained and they called to make sure that all was well. It was shortly thereafter that I noticed that a downspout was disconnected at the back of the house. I called, they responded IMMEDIATELY, and had someone out within 24 hours with many apologies. A month later, there was a knock at the door and one of their crew was at the door asking if he could once again do a quick walk around to make sure that everything was still looking good. I rarely give reviews. I have to be extremely unhappy, or over the moon about a company to take the time. Needless to say, the performance of Gutter Cover of Kansas City has moved me to write a RAVE. I own my own business and I pride myself on taking excellent care of my clients. I expect the same service from other small businesses and am too often confronted with those who are stuck on being “right”, rather than “great”. Sorry if this was long, but Gutter Cover of Kansas City deserves all 360 words.” – H. Laird – Mission, Kansas

Thank you, Ms. Laird, for your kind words! We appreciate the Gutter Cover Kansas City review. Thanks again to our wonderful hardworking employees. You earned this praise!