Gutter Cover Special Feature – A Unique Painting Company in Kansas City You Can Trust

Neighborhood Painting & Restoration Inc.

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Now that you’re enjoying your new Advantage Gutter Guard®, you may be thinking that your home could use a fresh coat of paint or new siding to match your new aesthetic gutter design.

We work with Neighborhood Painting & Restoration Inc. on a regular basis and consider them a trusted resource and partner. Our customers have found them to be an exceptional company to work with.

Doug Stacye, CEO of Gutter Cover Kansas City relates “Ryan [CEO of Neighborhood Painting & Restoration Inc.] is a great innovator he has developed a unique process that allows for the highest quality result. We have worked with Ryan and his team for a few years now and I would not hesitate to recommend his company to anyone looking for excellent work.”
It isn’t just us and our customers impressed with Neighborhood Painting & Restoration Inc. In fact, many review sites sing their praises. For example, on Google they have 4.9 ***** with 86 reviews!

Angies ListAngies list 2019 super service award for Neighborhood painting they are A-Rated with 231 Reviews and 9 Consecutive Super Service Awards!

Neighborhood painting
Historic, detailed home completed by Neighborhood Painting & Restoration Inc.

Their customers return again and again as years go pass and additional home projects begin.

In fact, they have won many awards in customer service.

This is why, when we find a homeowner in Kansas City that needs painting, siding, staining, or a new deck, we refer them to Neighborhood Painting & Restoration Inc.

The company is much more than your typical painting company. They are a licensed General Contracting Firm and their expertise extends well beyond painting.

Neighborhood Painting & Restoration Inc. has completed numerous historic renovations in the area from church restorations to early 1900’s homes in neighborhoods throughout the metro.

With these restorations Neighborhood Painting & Restoration Inc. goes above and beyond. They will even do custom millwork to make sure the wood they are replacing is restored with the exact thickness of wood that would have been used in the same period as the construction of the building. They truly care about the minute details in every one of their jobs.

They have shown that they have the passion and knowledge needed to tackle some of the most detailed and challenging projects this city has to offer!

Neighborhood Painting CEO Ryan ToelkesWhere does this passion and skill come from?

It all starts with Ryan Toelkes – the CEO of Neighborhood Painting & Restoration Inc

He started his company at age 21 painting houses by hand!

Over the next several years he perfected the trade. As he did so, word spread about his high-quality work.

As his company grew, he was determined to maintain the high-quality workmanship he had worked so long to perfect. He actually pulled this off!

How does he accomplish the task of maintaining excellence?

1. He hires people who share his core values:
Quality workmanship
Superior customer service
Strict punctuality

2. He NEVER subcontracts. He believes that the people you meet at the very beginning for the estimate should be the same people who are with you throughout the entire project.

3. He has a UNIQUE approach to painting. He will send two separate crews to your home. The first crew specializes in preparing the home – fixing wood rot, stucco repair, and other necessary preparation. The second crew uses their expertise to paint your home.

These same values are why we trust that he will take excellent care of our customers and we confidently refer him time and time again. He even backs his value by providing a 5-year guarantee.

If you’d like Neighborhood Painting & Restoration Inc to help with your home projects, contact them today! 913-709-6151