Gutter Guards Kansas City – What to Avoid

What to Avoid when purchasing Gutter Guards in Kansas City

      Avoid installation of gutter guards by inexperienced companies

The first thing to look for when purchasing gutter guards is the company that will install the gutter protection system. Gutter guards are only as good as the installation and product design.  Avoid companies that don’t specialize in a gutter guard with a proven design.  Because many home improvement companies look for ways to maximize profits, they may have a variety of products to sell.  For example, you decide to get a new roof so you purchase it from a roofing contractor.  The contractor may try to add on new gutters and a gutter guard.  Since they don’t specialize in gutter protection, you typically will not get the best results.  This experience has left many consumers with the thought that gutter guards just don’t work.  If you purchase from a company that specializes in gutter protection you are most likely to get the best results and save money in the long run.  Always check reviews.

Avoid bad product design when choosing a gutter guard

Product design is an extremely important factor in determining what gutter guard to purchase. Look for systems that do NOT utilize screens and filters.  Screens reduce the number of times that you will need to clean your gutters but will not eliminate gutter cleaning.  Screens have a tendency to trap debris on top which clogs the screen and causes water to overflow.   Leaf filters can clog with just pollen and tree sap. Once clogged, they prevent water from flowing into the gutter effectively.  Many expensive gutter guards use a form of screen or mesh to block debris.  Sadly, these expensive gutter guards work only slightly better than the cheap DIY products.  We replace thousands of feet of these systems every year.

Look for systems that have a solid top that completely covers the gutter. Additionally, the nose of the solid gutter guard should protrude slightly past the front edge of the gutter, thus blocking debris from entering. Pair this with a very small opening for the water and you have the best design. This type of gutter guard utilizing surface tension will provide long-lasting results.  Also, review how the gutter guard is attached.  A strong bracket that supports the gutter guard and guttering is better than one that attaches to the face of the gutter with slits to allow water in.  These slits usually clog with spring debris.

(see photos below with examples of what to avoid)an expensive gutter product clogging with debriExample of leaf filter that is clogged


How to avoid high-pressure sales tactics by gutter guard companies in Kansas City

Have you experienced high-pressure sales tactics by gutter guard companies in Kansas City? How do you avoid these companies?  Do your research. Check out a company’s Better Business Bureau reviews BEFORE inviting them to your house.  If they have complaints on sales or marketing, be on guard.  In addition, if they require all purchasing parties to be there for the estimate, they will probably use high pressure to get the sale.  Refuse to buy on a deadline:  Anytime you must make a decision right away to get a special price it’s usually bogus, and you should end the meeting quickly.  Deadlines are designed to force you into a sale before you have had time to think.

Avoid new start-ups and unrealistic claims by local gutter guard companies

Look for companies and products that have great reviews from places like Google, Angie’s List, and the Better Business Bureau. Avoid companies that are new to the market or make unrealistic claims.  Bad reviews from independent websites also give indications of what you can expect from a company and product.