What is the Best Gutter Guard Available in Belton, Missouri?

Gutter Cover of Kansas City provides Advantage Gutter Guard™, a proven and guaranteed gutter guard available in Belton, Missouri. We have been successfully protecting homes for over 15 years.

In addition, if you have trees in your yard in Belton, you probably have leaves in your gutters! Advantage Gutter Guard™ is guaranteed to keep your gutters clean and free-flowing. Why is this is important? Because clogged gutters can lead to wood rot, foundation damage, and wet basements. In addition, cleaning gutters is a dangerous, time-consuming, and dirty job.

Our gutter protection has been installed on thousands of homes in and around the KC Metro. As our customers testify, it works! Furthermore, it solves many headaches from constantly cleaning gutters to keeping basements dry. Therefore, it is a proven answer to clogged guttering. As a result, no more risky gutter cleaning – guaranteed!

Notice what some of your neighbors in Belton have said about our gutter guard:

“I’m very pleased with the installation and the installer. I would recommend this product to anyone. I appreciate your service.”-R. Payton, Belton, MO

“After receiving 2 quotes for gutter covers, one was 3 times the price of the system supplied by Gutter Cover of KC, for almost the same product, we had Gutter Cover of KC install the product.  The installer was very professional and did a great job.  We are really happy with our decision, just wish we had done it sooner.”-S. Wasko, Belton, MO

Features of Advantage Gutter Guard™ design in Belton:

Solid Surface – prevents leaves, sticks, stems, whirlybirds, etc. from entering the gutter

Works with the basic principle of surface tension

Installs and looks beautiful with any type of roof – tile, composition, metal, slate, wood

Experienced team prepared to solve gutter problems and resulting water damage

In addition to those features, our estimators look for any problems with your guttering. Once it is determined what areas need to be addressed, we provide you with a custom estimate for gutter repair and installation of Advantage Gutter Guard™.  Our technicians are professionally trained and will provide you with worry-free protection.

We would like to do your last gutter cleaning. Finally, give us a call for a free evaluation of the guttering on your Belton, Missouri home and an estimate for guaranteed gutter protection 816-246-7881!