Why Fairway Homes Need a Gutter Guard

Why do residents of Fairway need an effective gutter guard to protect the integrity and beauty of their homes?

If you live in Fairway, Kansas you know trees add to the charm of the city. Fairway is a beautiful and popular residential community in Northeast Johnson County. Fittingly, Fairway’s slogan is – A City of Trees. True to its word, Fairway has a Tree Board and has been a Tree City U.S.A. for 25 consecutive years!  Obviously, members of the community appreciate the value and character trees contribute to Fairway.

While Fairway homeowners love their trees, they know they drop many leaves that can clog their guttering system. Because clogged gutters overflow, they cause wood rot, foundation issues, and wet basements. Therefore, homeowners need to protect the structure of their home by keeping gutters clean and free-flowing.  A gutter guard that truly works, protects the home around the clock and can be there when you can’t!

Where can you find the best gutter guard in Fairway, Kansas?

The team at Gutter Cover of Kansas City have a mission to protect homeowners from water damage. We have been protecting homes in Kansas City for over 15 years with gutter protection system. We like using Advantage Gutter Guard™ because it works!  Over the years, we have removed many systems that do not work. Proven design features of Advantage Gutter Guard™ ensure your gutters remain clog free. In addition, Advantage Gutter Guard™ comes with a fully transferable, lifetime warranty that the gutters will remain clean and free-flowing.

Our estimators are interested in looking for solutions to your water control issues. Our team will strive to address underlying problems that can turn into larger issues. As part of the estimate process, we will perform a free 23-point inspection of the guttering system.  Our estimators will give recommendations for any problems found.

As a company, we are constantly working to train and improve. Thus, our employees have the goal of finding and solving gutter issues for our customers. Also important to us is treating our clients’ homes with the same care and consideration that we give our own. Keeping these goals in mind has earned Gutter Cover of Kansas City a great reputation in Fairway, Kansas.

A few benefits of Advantage Gutter Guard™ gutter protection in Fairway, Kansas:

Because our technicians view safety as a priority, we use ladder safety equipment such as stabilizer bars and leg levelers. These serve to protect your home and our crews.

Work crews have experience in custom fitting the gutter guard to each unique roof style and home architecture.

After installation, technicians carefully clean up and make a final check for any debris around the house.

Gutter seams are sealed with an extremely durable and flexible, tripolymer sealant.  Thus forming a watertight seal to help prevent drips and leaks.

Advantage Gutter Guard™ was specifically designed to be low profile and beautiful on every home.

If you’re ready to experience freedom from gutter cleaning contact Gutter Cover of Kansas City – 816-246-7881!

 A Comment From a Customer in Fairway.

“Very Quick Response, Very Competitive Quote, Immediate installation, Outstanding Workmanship, Professional and Courteous.”  M. Hamid