A lot is going for Gardner. With its small-town charm, combined with the benefits of a large city, you can only appreciate the scenic beauty and the community atmosphere. But there are also the challenges of heavy rainfall in Spring and substantial leaf fall during the Autumn months, causing blocked gutters and insufficient water drainage.

This is why you need high-quality gutter guards, keeping your gutters clog-free and you off the ladder during these seasons. Keep enjoying the scenic beauty while our gutter guard does the hard work for you.  


Key Benefits of Advantage Gutter Guards – Gardner, KS Homeowners:

Advanced Gutter Protection: Our dynamic gutter protection system is made from heavy-gauge aluminum or copper. These materials do not rust or break easily, unlike plastic and steel gutter guards. Advantage Gutter Guard is the robust choice for your Gardner home. 

Customized Solutions for Local Homes:  Understanding the unique aspects of the Gardner area, we offer tailored gutter system solutions guaranteed to protect your home from the problems associated with clogged gutters. 

Decades of Expertise and Dedication: We have earned a 5-star reputation with our customers because we have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. We offer professional services with the interests of our customers in mind. 

Comprehensive Inspection and Education: Our thorough 21-point inspection of your existing gutters provides a full picture from which we can advise you on the best gutter services for your home. We not only protect your home now but also let you know what could become a problem in the future. 

Skilled Professionals and Transparent Pricing: Our continuously trained technicians install gutter guards and deliver top-notch service. We offer upfront pricing without hidden costs, and provide attractive financing options.

Lifetime Guarantee and Weather Endurance: Not all gutter guard companies offer a lifetime warranty, but we do. Advantage Gutter Guard® promises a lifetime of protection, effectively handling Gardner’s diverse weather conditions.

Diverse Styles and Aesthetic Appeal: Available in 33 colors, Advantage Gutter Guard® complements seamless gutters (K-style, half-round, and copper gutters) and a variety of home architectures across Gardner, ensuring both beauty and functionality.

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Gutter problems unique to Gardner, KS 

Flooded basements

Wet basements are not an unfamiliar sight in Gardner homes. This can be caused by water pouring over gutters and around the foundation, exerting pressure on foundation walls. At Gutter Cover KC®, we fully evaluate your house and recommend solutions to direct water away from the home if needed.

Undersized gutters

In a huge storm, undersized gutters cannot keep up with the volume of water flowing into the gutter. We evaluate the size of the roof to ensure you have the right size gutter before installation of our gutter guard. This ensures that Advantage Gutter Guard® does its job properly, protecting your home at all times.

Testimonials from satisfied clients from in or near Gardner

M. Myers, Gardner, KS

“From calling Sharon to meeting the two installers, everyone did a great job!  They were very nice and explained what they were going to do.  Took into consideration our draining issues and placed the downspouts accordingly.  Excellent product, staff and company.  Would never call anyone else.  Thanks so much!”

B. Johnson, Olathe, KS

“Installers were on time and very fast. Didn’t make a mess and everything was picked up and hauled off. Gutters look great and colors match house perfectly.”

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Advantage Gutter Guard System – Ideal For Gardner, KS 

A unique attribute of our gutter guard system is surface tension. Surface tension gutter guards, sometimes called reverse curve guards, allow water to flow into your gutters while debris slides off. Other guards create holes in their products to allow the water in. The problem with this design is that debris clogs the holes and the water can no longer get in, causing overflow.

Advantage Gutter Guard® is completely solid and uses physics and surface tension to ensure that the curve of the cover is nose forward to block debris but also control and maximize surface tension. This allows the water to defy gravity and cling onto the gutter guard (adhesion) until it is introduced to its next surface—your gutter. No matter how heavy the Gardner rainfall, this design will control your rainwater.

See our article on the pros and cons of different gutter guard designs to learn more,

Meet Our Gardner Installation Team 



Our highly trained installation technicians will thoroughly clean the gutters and downspouts, ensuring that your home and landscaping are protected. Existing gutters will be inspected and adjusted. If new gutter installation is required, we will take care of that first. GGutter seams will be sealed and heavy gauge aluminum brackets will be installed to secure the product. The Advantage Gutter Guard® is then installed and a quality check is done to ensure the correct pitch with the roof for optimal water control. Lastly, our technicians will clean up the area and complete a final check for debris around the house. 

All our technicians are properly licensed and fully covered by workers’ compensation and general liability insurance

Full List of Products For Our Gardner Clients


See our portfolio of gutter guard installations here.

FAQS for Gutter Guards in Gardner, KS

Does Gutter Cover KC® install gutter guards in Gardner, KS?

Gutter Cover KS’ head office is based in Lees Summit, MO, but our installers are based in various cities around Kansas & Missouri. We are happy to drive to you to do an assessment and provide a quote free of charge.

Can gutter guards eliminate the need for regular gutter cleaning?

Yes, quality gutter guards like Advantage Gutter Guard® can significantly reduce time-consuming gutter cleaning. It is designed to keep the water flowing into the gutter and let debris slide off. You won’t need to climb any ladders to maintain Advantage Gutter Guard®, merely clean the system by hosing it down as required.

Does Gutter Cover KC® also install gutters and do gutter repair work?

Yes, our other services include seamless gutter installation, soffit and fascia repair, wood rot repair, gutter underground drains, and installation of silent downspouts.

Why do you not recommend other types of gutter guards?

In our 20+ years of experience, we’ve seen the limitations of brush guards, foam guards, and screen guards. Advantage Gutter Guard® is our innovative response to these limitations, guaranteed to save money, time, and effort. It limits maintenance and is the only long-term option for heavy rainfall and large amounts or different sizes of tree debris. 

We service the entire KC Metro area including cities near your neighborhood: