Spring Hill Benefits From a Leaf Guard Protection System


Spring Hill, Kansas, a community straddling the county line of Johnson and Miami, has benefited from installing a leaf guard protection system known as Advantage Gutter Guard™  In this small but persevering town of Spring Hill, several residents have had our cover added to their home’s gutter system.

Founded in 1857, Spring Hill welcomed the first female doctor in Kansas in 1859, Celia Ann Dayton.  Circumstances seem to indicate that she was also involved with the Underground Railroad.  Pioneering the way, Spring Hill’s early settlers welcomed innovation and today’s homeowners are no different.  To solidify the prosperity of the town, Spring Hill moved its downtown to be adjacent to the new railroad.  Current residents also look for ways to improve their lives such as the best leaf guard offered in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Gutter Cover of Kansas City has pioneered the way with its leaf guard system that has been protecting homes for 15 years.

Keeping water where it belongs, flowing through the gutter system and ultimately away from your home is our concern.  It will protect you from the damaging effect of water invading your home.  Having a leaf guard installed also keeps the homeowner off a ladder and safe on the ground. Due to you no longer needing to clean out the gutters several times a year.  This provides peace of mind knowing the gutters will never fill up with debris and clog.  It will also free up your time to spend with family and friends.  Perhaps you can enjoy an outing to the Escape House to see if you can successfully escape a locked room.

We provide free estimates that include a 23-point inspection of your gutter system.  See for yourself what our design of leaf guard protection can do to improve your life.  Give us a call at 816-246-7881 to schedule an appointment.