Never Want To Climb A Ladder Again? Why The Experts Agree

Why You Should Think Twice Before Climbing a Ladder to Clean Your Gutters

Have you looked at your gutters lately? Clogged gutters not only detract from your home’s appearance but can also lead to costly water damage. For that reason, many people take it upon themselves to climb a ladder multiple times a year in an effort to keep their gutters clear. However, there are risks involved that may not be worth taking.

Where is it happening? Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury nationwide. The United States leads the world in ladder-related deaths. It has been reported that every year 500,000 people fall from ladders. More than 164,000 emergency-treated injuries occur and 300 deaths. Almost all of these falls occur AT HOME..

What’s the cost? Injuries from an unexpected fall can range from minor scrapes and bruises, broken bones, and even head trauma. According to the CDC, in 2014, injuries from falls cost an estimated $31 billion in healthcare costs, that number is expected to more than double in 2020.

How high is too high? The majority of serious ladder injuries result from falls of 10 feet or less. People 65 and older are at greater risk for serious injury no matter what height they fall from. That risk increases for people of all ages the higher up the ladder you go. Keep in mind, the average height of a gutter on a home ranges between 10 and 18 feet high. That means even a quick climb to check on your gutters puts you in a dangerous situation.

Can Falls Be Prevented? The danger associated with getting on a ladder can be minimized only if proper safety measures are taken.

Here are a few practical steps you can take:

  • Wear proper footwear with good traction to avoid slips
  • Use a tool belt or an assistant to supply materials and tools
  • Climb ladders slowly and deliberately
  • Do not overreach or lean to the side while on a ladder
  • Set up the ladder on firm, even ground
  • Always have three points of contact: Two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand

Should I Hire Out Gutter Cleaning? That is a lot to keep in mind. Another option is hiring out this service. If you hire this work out, you won’t have to worry about having all the necessary equipment or tracking down someone to help you all day. A service can often complete the task in a few hours. Unfortunately, this option has its own risks. To protect yourself from these, make sure you can answer the following questions before paying for this service: Is the company reputable? Are they insured if they fall or injure themselves or others? Are they insured if they damage my property? Do they clean up after themselves when they are done? Is there a way for me to be certain they are fully cleaning my gutters each time?

The Best Way to Prevent Falls

Eliminate Gutter Cleaning Entirely: How? By removing the need to perform gutter maintenance at all. A one-time investment in Gutter Cover KC will protect your home indefinitely.

Having Advantage Gutter Guard® protects your home from clogged drains and potential water damage. Most importantly, though, it protects your family by keeping you on the ground. Are you considering never getting on a ladder again? We agree!