Beautiful Prairie Village Home’s Gutter Protection Installation

Prairie Village Home’s Gutter Protection

The Trees are starting to bloom in Prairie Village! Soon it will be time to start your yearly maintenance to your home. A couple of the most common violations listed on the Prairie Village community website are “exterior maintenance & standing water.”  Now obviously exterior maintenance could be any number of things, but why not get gutter protection that guarantees a lifetime free of clogged gutters. It would be one less violation you would have to worry about and your time could be spent how you wish. In addition, standing water could be being caused by your downspouts. With them not draining water properly away from your property. Our gutter inspection could determine what might be causing the issue, and determine what the best fix for your situation would be.

This particular home was in need of new gutters, gutter protection, and downspouts.

 All was completed on a wood roof, with installing 6 inch white gutter and gutter protection in bronze. This installation was also complete with using rounded downspouts; to keep the historic charm of this home visible.

So, if your looking for gutter protection and not looking at getting a violation from your city for gutter issues; give us a call.


Installation of gutters and gutter protection in Prairie Village