Raintree Lake Gutter Cover Installation

Gutter Cover Project in Raintree Lake Community

Last month we were out in Raintree Lake, a community within Lees Summit, Missouri. We were completing our gutter system installation to the full house. It was an overcast day with a little bit of chill in the air, but it wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle.

Living in Raintree definitely has its perks! From living near a beautiful lake, with many homes having a lake view! In addition, there are many amenities such as swimming, pontoon rental, walking trails, and smaller community events for family fun. There is surely a desire to want to live here. Beautiful homes with great views, and plenty of things to keep homeowners busy, the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning your gutters. Our Advantage Gutter Guard® has an attractive design to fit each individual home. We strive for our gutter protection to look as good as it functions! Our product adds to the appearance of any type of roof: tile, metal, slate, concrete, stone coated steel, wood, and composition!

Example of Ladder Safety with adjustable feet      Example of Ladders we use not to damage gutters

The photos above illustrate how the ladders we use are both safe for our technicians and the homes we install on. The left photo shows how the feet on the ladder are adjustable. Depending on the ground the ladder is sitting on, they can adjust and keep level. That way the technicians can always have both (feet) on the ground at all times to help prevent falling. The photo on the right shows the arms on the ladders. These arms help protect the home and the existing gutters from having a ladder sit on them. Which can sometimes cause indention in the guttering. The arms also stabilize the ladder for the safety of our technicians.

     Gutter Cover Installation on corners

These photos show a little bit of the installation. As well as how the gutter protection works around a homes’ corner areas.

If your interested in getting a quote for your house, call Gutter Cover Kansas City® 816-246-7881. We will be happy to work with your schedule to get you the best estimate for your home.