Gutter Replacement

What’s The Best Company For Replacement Gutters?

Gutter Cover KC is known for Advantage Gutter Guard ®. But what if you are just looking to replace gutters? Is Gutter Cover Kansas City any different than other guttering companies? Does it matter who installs your gutters?

Notice what the experts at HGTV say in their blog article Maximum Value Home Exterior Projects: Gutters:

“‘One of the worst things you can do,’ according to appraisal expert Leslie Sellers, president of the Appraisal Institute, ‘is a poor job on gutter installation.’ An improperly functioning gutter system will risk leaks that can cause a huge amount of permanent water damage to your home’s exterior and foundation.”

We agree! Gutters are one of the most important systems on a home.  If it is not working properly expensive problems arise.  Water not channeled away from your home can cause wood rot, mold, water in the basement, damaged soffit and fascia siding and stucco, and the most costly – cracks and settling in your foundation. You need an expert to install your replacement gutters!

Quality Replacement Gutter Installation

Gutter Cover KC is known for its quality installation.

      • 5 star company
      • Locally Owned & Operated
      • 20+ yrs experience
      • No shortcuts
      • All professionally trained employees: Each employee is trained for minimum of 6 months before working alone.
      • Regular safety training
      • Fully licensed and insured

Replacement Gutter Reviews 

“Gutter Cover Kansas City is your one-stop shop for gutters.  I have never worked with such incredible contractors from Craig who arrived early for the quote and even sent a thank you card to Monte who did a world-class installation.  From start to finish, this company is the definition of excellence.  Even those behind the scenes like Sharon who schedules your appointment and processes your payment to Matt who customizes the gutter cover to fit your home and its color are incredible individuals.  Thank you for setting a new standard for customer service and craftsmanship.” – A. Matthew

“From start to finish, my husband and I were impressed with everyone!  So very professional, but very friendly.  Gutter Cover of KC truly has a product of high quality and I have to say, the installers were par excellence!  You could tell they took pride in their work.” – S. Weidmaier

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Quality Replacement Gutters

      • Seamless aluminum or copper in 5” or 6”
      • Seamless K-Style or European Style Half Round
      • Heaviest gauge aluminum
      • Mitered corners (no pre-made box corners)
      • Highest quality sealant
      • Heavy duty hidden brackets for superior strength and a sleek appearance.
      • High quality coated screws 
      • 33 Colors to Choose From
      • 3X4 inch and 4X5 inch downspouts
      • Custom gutter straps are made in house to match the exact color of the gutter.

Unique to Gutter Cover Kansas City ™

Silent Spout ™ is a downspout that minimizes sound vibrations. If you’ve ever had a noisy downspout, you understand how valuable this can be! Silent Spout ™ was designed and patented by Gutter Cover KC™. This is the only source for professional ‘silent’ downspouts. Please call for a quick quote to have Silent Spout added to your existing or replacement guttering.

Gutter Replacement FAQ

How big do my replacement gutters need to be? 

Whether you need 5 inch or 6 inch gutters is determined by the amount of water volume produced by your roof and how far you need to move that volume of water to the nearest downspout.

Some homes only need a 5 inch gutter system.  If you have a very large house with a steep roof and many valleys dumping rainwater into short runs of gutters you will need 6 inch gutters. Since its better safe than sorry, and the price difference is minimal, we often recommend 6 inch gutters when doing a full home gutter replacement.

How many downspouts do I need? 

A good rule of thumb is for every 35-50 feet of gutter you need one downspout.  Larger downspouts will increase the water volume capacity of each downspout.  One square inch of outlet for every 100 square feet of roof is the industry recommendation.

Where should downspouts be placed? 

The water needs to have a positive flow away from your house to protect the foundation and keep water infiltration out of your basement.  This can be accomplished by extensions on your downspouts  – splash blocks – underground or French drains.

When do I know it is time to replace my gutters?

Inspect your gutters yearly for:  Rust – Leaks – Loose Downspouts – Proper Drainage.  If your gutters are pulled loose and rusty it may be time to replace them.  If no rust is evident they just may need to be repaired.

Are seamless gutters the best?

Seamless gutters are the best solution.  Gutters with seams typically leak at every seam creating the need to put sealant in them every couple of years.  It is almost impossible to get them to drain completely.

Time to replace your gutters? Fill out our estimate form, or give us a call for a free, no-pressure quote.