Why Solid Gutter Covers Work Best


Using an umbrella in heavy rain as an example for using a gutter guard in heavy rain to protect your homeOur solid surface gutter covers are the best form of gutter protection because they have no openings on top and are able to block both large and small debris from entering the gutter. This design allows rainwater to flow into the gutter, while ensuring leaves, pine needles, spinners, seeds, gum balls, flower petals, even birds and squirrels cannot get into your gutters. Solid gutter covers are a permanent solution to clogged gutters, meaning that you will never have to clean your gutters again.



The Big Question Is:

‘How Much Rain Can Solid Gutter Covers Handle?’

Advantage Gutter Guard ® has been third-party tested to handle more than 3 times the rain of a typical Kansas City rainstorm. In order to surpass Advantage Gutter Guard’s ® capacity, Kansas City would have to meet the world-record for the heaviest rainfall ever recorded.

In other words, ‘Bring on the rain!’

Advantage Gutter Guard ® can handle anything that Kansas City can throw at it! Including ‘Cats and Dogs’ – metaphorically speaking, of course.


How Does Advantage Gutter Guard ® Work?




Solid Gutter Covers VS Screens & Micro-Mesh Leaf Filters

Solid gutter covers like Advantage Gutter Guard ® use physics and surface tension to handle heavy rain while blocking all debris.

Many leaf filters, micro-meshes, screens, and store-bought gutter guards don’t employ surface tension in their design. Therefore, they need holes in the top of the product to allow water into the gutter

While these non-water adhesion-based products can temporarily reduce how often gutters need to be cleaned, the gutters will soon need to be cleaned because of the small debris that slips through the openings or gets trapped on top of the mesh – along with the need to clean the screen or micro-mesh leaf filter itself.




The Problem With Screens:

Various designs that require the water to go through holes or mesh are shown in the pictures above. Remember, a single tree can drop a tremendous amount of seeds, pollen, sap, and needles – more than enough to slip into, or block the holes and clog your gutters and the leaf filter or screen itself.

This means the homeowner has to clean not just his gutters, but his gutter screens too!

Some leaf filters try to side-step this problem by having a micro-mesh screen – too small for anything but dirt and water to enter.

The Problem With Micro-Mesh Leaf Filters:

While keeping debris out of the gutter, the micro-mesh leaf filters have a different problem – the pollen, tree sap, oak tassels, and other sticky debris gets trapped on the micro mesh and covers the micro-perforations.

Think of a micro-mesh leaf filter like a furnace filter – the filter keeps dirt from circulating through the house but the dirt eventually clogs the filter and chokes the furnace so it can’t move air once the filter is clogged. Just like that furnace filter, maintenance is required with a gutter filter since huge amounts of debris fall from trees.

The result of a clogged gutter filter is that rainwater has no way to enter the gutters. This can force thousands of gallons of water to flow over your gutters, down the face of your soffit, fascia, and siding ending up in a pool around your foundation.

Between These Two Neighbors, Which Would You Rather Be?




Advantage Gutter Guard ® Is Designed for Kansas City

Advantage Gutter Guard ® is more than made in Kansas City – It’s made for Kansas City. For your trees, your weather, and your unique issues. We designed our patented solutions that lead the technology in this industry – And we did it a drive away from your front door.



Need Further Proof? Our Customers Say It Best


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See the best-rated gutter guard as endorsed by our satisfied customers. Watch testimonials on why our guard is the best choice.


“It’s Been 3 Years & Our Gutters Are Perfect”

Jeff Montgomery (Kansas City Royal’s Hall of Fame)


Ready For A Gutter Guard That’s Worth It?

Tired of leaf filters, screens, and covers that have holes and leave you cleaning them out in addition to your gutters?

If you’re ready for a permanent solution, the Advantage Gutter Guard® has a lifetime guarantee that your gutters will never clog again. It also has a company behind it that has helped thousands of happy customers.

Give Advantage Gutter Guard® a chance and get an estimate from Gutter Cover KC®. The consultant you meet with has the goal to “keep water where it belongs”. They will perform a thorough 21-point inspection to solve your unique gutter issues and provide a plan and design to get to the root of the problem and solve it.