Storm Damaged Gutters: Repair or Replace?

Complete Guide to Restoring Your Gutter System

Kansas City can experience heavy storms. This year (2023) has been interesting. We have been in a drought but in the last couple of weeks, we have been experiencing many heavy thunderstorms.

These events have resulted in storm damage to local homes. KC is known for unpredictable weather popping up. With this in mind, your gutters must always be working and clog-free to protect your home.

If you are looking for repair or replacement for storm damage to your home’s existing gutters, we provide free no-hassle quotes. Contact us today to get started. We can even work with your insurance to make it as stress-free as possible.


Repairing vs. Replacing Damaged Gutters – What to Do When the Rains Come

We’ve spoken to two of our senior team members to get some professional advice when it comes to repairing or replacing gutters that have suffered storm damage.

Here’s what they had to say regarding a couple of common questions. See the end of the article for more common questions concerning storm damage and gutter guards.

So, A Huge Storm Has Just Rolled Through Town and Caused Damage To My Gutter System. What Do I Do Now?

“The first thing to do is visually inspect your gutters and fascia from ground level. Please, don’t risk getting on a ladder or asking a friend to do it for you. Let us take care of that! Gutter Cover KC® has a professional team that can come out to your property, assess the damage, and give you a competitive quote on replacing your soffits, fascia, gutters, and gutter protection. If there is visible damage and you need to get insurance involved, we would be happy to help with that process too. Simply get in touch.

How Do I Know If My Gutters Have Hail Damage?

“It’s as simple as giving us a call to check for gutter hail damage and providing you a free estimate.

We’ll be able to look at it and tell you pretty quickly. There is no charge for this, and if there’s no gutter hail damage then you have your peace of mind that it was checked.”

Most likely, if you have hail damage to your deck, cars, roof, or other outdoor surfaces it’s probable your gutters will have damage as well.

Do You Work with Insurance Companies? They Stress Me Out!

“We know it can be a really stressful time! Our goal is to take as much stress away from the homeowner as possible.

We do this by taking as much of the responsibility as we can for communicating with, explaining, and when necessary, justifying and giving evidence to the insurance company on behalf of the homeowner.

We view ourselves as advocates for the homeowner during this process. With that being said, it’s important to note that every insurance company is a little different.

Some are happy to deal directly with us as the contractor; especially many of the mainstream insurance companies. But others prefer to work largely through the homeowner.

We’ve learned through the years that working and cooperating with the insurance company and how they prefer to communicate, leads to the best outcome for the homeowner. So, we adapt accordingly while taking as much of the legwork from the homeowner as we can.”


The Impact of Heavy Rainstorms on Gutters and Homes

The effects of storm damage on properties can lead to leaking roofs and compromised foundations.

One significant problem arises as gutters become inundated with a high volume of rainwater, causing them to overflow and lose functionality.

This can happen due to a few reasons…

Gutter Size Matters

Firstly, the gutter system might lack the design to handle the sheer intensity of the downpour.

Therefore, you need to select appropriately sized and styled gutters, capable of managing the specific rainfall volume in your region as well as all the water that drains from your roof.

overflowing clogged gutter

Clogged Gutters

Another frequent issue emerges when inadequate gutter protection becomes obstructed by debris such as twigs, tassels, and leaves. This accumulation obstructs water flow, resulting in dams within the gutters that ultimately overflow.

To avert water damage and potential foundation problems, homeowners need to ensure their gutter system is securely attached and equipped to manage heavy rains. They also need to keep them unclogged or have reliable gutter protection.

If the rainwater isn’t successfully managed and directed away from your home, it could spill over the side of your gutters and dam up against your outer walls, causing dampness and rot and in extreme cases even damage to foundations and basements.

How Do You Make Sure That Rainwater Gets Channeled Away From Your Home?

By installing a gutter protection system that can handle rainstorms.

Gutter Cover KC® has been protecting Kansas City homes’ gutter systems for over 20 years.

Their experience and expertise in the field have helped them develop Advantage Gutter Guard® a gutter protection system that can handle heavy rain. Storm Damaged Gutters Can Lead to Added Headaches There’s often a direct link between a malfunctioning gutter and ceiling leaks.

As water fills up the gutters, it eventually spills over the sides and cascades down the exterior walls of your home.

While this might look like a visual effect to some, resembling a homemade waterfall, the overflowing water can cause serious issues.

Water seeps into the walls and attic spaces, saturating the insulation, wooden structures, and even electrical wiring.

If the water makes its way into the interior of your home, it can lead to ceiling leaks. The moisture can seep through ceilings, causing discoloration, sagging, and eventually, visible water stains and even dripping water.

Clogged gutters can also cause damage to fascia boards and soffits.

When Gutters Are Clogged, Rainwater Has Nowhere To Go

As a result, it overflows the sides of the gutters and drips down onto the fascia boards. Over time, this constant exposure to water can cause the fascia boards to become saturated, leading to rot and deterioration.

As the fascia boards start to rot due to prolonged exposure to moisture, they lose their structural integrity. This can compromise the stability of the roof’s edge and impact the overall structural integrity of your home.

The resulting damage to fascia and soffits can impact the curb appeal of your home. Rotting, peeling paint and unsightly water stains can make your home look poorly maintained.

If this is true in your case, ask Gutter Cover KC® for a free inspection and quote on replacing your fascia and soffit.

damage gutter by clogs- get our winter special for a solution

Consequences of Neglecting Gutter Maintenance

Gutter installation might seem like a one-time task, but without proper care, gutters can be vulnerable to a range of issues. Once gutters are clogged with debris they will overflow and may even back up into the roofing or behind the gutters.

Common types of storm damage include wind damage, snow, and ice buildup. Being constantly exposed to the elements can lead to loose and sagging gutters, and wind damage can worsen the situation.

So, if storm damage has occurred it is important to get your gutters repaired and in good working order as soon as possible because as we said earlier, overflowing gutters can result in water damage to your home’s exterior and foundation, risking leaks and structural compromise.

Downspouts also play a crucial role in diverting water away from your foundation and neglecting them can lead to basement flooding and soil erosion.

You can contact our professional team at Gutter Cover KC® to get your gutters back in tip-top shape!

Rainstorms – When Gutters Save the Day

All that being said, a well-functioning gutter can really save your bacon.

When kept clear of debris by a proven gutter guard, they channel rainwater away from your foundation, saving you money, stress, and ultimately, time.

Advantage Gutter Guard® will help keep your drainage systems clear, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the rain for what it is, rather than stress about the fury that is being unleashed on your beautiful home.

Do Gutter Covers Work During Heavy Rainfall?

Some do. Some don’t.

Those that don’t are often the cheap DIY kits that are made from inferior materials and installed by a neighbor or friend.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that those gutter covers won’t offer any protection.

They’ll probably do the job for a rain shower or two. But they only tend to last a season or two due to the low quality of the entire process – from installation to building materials.

Then there are those that do last.

High-quality gutter covers that are made of premium materials and professionally installed by a professional team that has both the experience and expertise to offer the best service.

If you’re new to your home and unsure about your gutter cover system, or if you’re a long-time homeowner in the Kansas City area experiencing gutter issues, reach out to GutterCoverKC to explore your gutter protection options.

Gutter Covers: A Shield Against Debris

The best quality gutter covers offer protection year-round, no matter the weather. But they should really shine when the weather turns nasty.

Many gutter protection systems are designed with screens, mesh, or filters that small debris can get trapped in.

The problem with this is, well, that the debris is in the gutter system.

And no matter how you look at it, that simply can’t be a long-term, year-round solution. No homeowner enjoys cleaning out their leaf filters before a thunderstorm.

Beautiful Image of our installation of gutter guards on a home in kansas city

Advantage Gutter Guard® – The Best Gutter Cover on the Market

The absolute best gutter cover system on the market is the Advantage Gutter Guard®


Well first, it’s been extremely well thought out and designed.

It’s a solid gutter guard, blocking debris from ever entering your drainage system, simply shedding it off. But what makes it especially effective is that it uses surface tension to guide water around the outer edge and into the gutter.

This means that at no point does it allow debris to clog your gutters.

No clogging.


In fact, Doug Stacye, the owner of Gutter Cover Kansas City® has so much confidence in his system that they offer a lifetime warranty on gutters being free from clogs as long as they’re protected with the Advantage Gutter Guard® System.

And speaking of rainstorms. The Advantage Gutter Guard® has been third-party tested to handle 3X THE WATER volume of a typical rainstorm.

Gutter Cover KC Reviews

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We say bring the rain!

Further FAQs:

Can Gutter Cover Kansas City Replace Any Gutter Guard Product That Was Damaged By Hail?

“Yes. However, we only install the Advantage Gutter Guard®.

We designed the Advantage Gutter Guard® in Kansas City, for Kansas City. There is simply no better product, and we won’t install an inferior product on your home. Also, we aren’t a gutter repair company primarily. We also provide gutter installation and gutter guard installation.

So we replace hail-damaged leaf guards, leaf filters, gutter covers, and gutter helmets with the Advantage Gutter Guard® all the time.

As long as we’re replacing what insurance companies call a ‘Premium’ product, they will typically match your compensation to our current market value.”

Can Hail Storms Damage Advantage Gutter Guard®?

“The answer is, along with any other exterior part of your home, yes. Everything on the outside of your home can be damaged by hail, if it’s severe enough.

A good rule of thumb we’ve found in the last 22+ years of business is that if your roof is sufficiently damaged by hail to warrant replacement, then there is a good chance your gutter cover is too.

Fortunately, homeowner’s insurance virtually always covers getting your Advantage Gutter Guard® replaced when damaged. It’s a simple process that we are very experienced in and can confidently walk you through.”

In many cases, homeowners have even had to replace their entire roofs due to storm damage. If that’s true of your home, and you already have the Advantage Gutter Guard® system fitted, please contact us to remove it before any work is carried out.

Asking the roofing company to do it will void your warranty as they often cause more damage to the gutter system than they realize.”

Our Team Of Experts Are Ready To Help You With Storm-Damaged Gutters

Just give us a call or click below to get a free 21-point inspection and estimate to get your guttering repaired and in the best shape ever. We will be happy to help work with your insurance. You will walk away with informative information about your unique guttering system needs, and it won’t cost you anything to get the inspection.