How Do You Know Which Gutter Cover is Best for Your Home?

Chuck and Sue Robinson know very well the challenge of finding which gutter cover is best for a home.

In fact, they have tried many gutter cover options on their Kansas City home.

Let’s join them on their journey for the best gutter cover.

Chuck Robinson is a very capable man when it comes to home maintenance. He spent his entire career in construction. However, their beautiful, well-established maple trees proved to be quite the challenge when it came to gutter maintenance.

To hear this experience directly from Chuck and Sue, watch the following video: 

Various Gutter Cover Products

His wife Sue says, “Chuck was always getting on the ladder and roof and I didn’t like that.”

They knew they needed a safer, longer lasting solution for their clogged gutters. 

whirly birds/maple seeds trapped in guttering screenChuck reports, “In the spring we have tree that dropped whirly birds, I put up a leaf screen and all it did was catch the whirly birds and filled my gutters up, that didn’t help. I tried different kinds of screens, none of them worked, still had to clean gutters 2-3 times a year.”

Eventually they went to what they thought was the final resort. Chuck explained, “We cut the trees down in the front to try to keep the leaves out.” 

Sue continues, “But we still got our neighbor’s leaves, of course.”

Despite all their efforts, they were still suffering water damage from their gutters. Chuck sighs, “My fascia was rotting off my house in all four corners.”

What Resolved Their Guttering Problems?

Finally they called Gutter Cover Kansas City.

Chuck explains the process, “Gutter Cover came out and took off the existing gutter, replaced it with new wood and wrapped the fascia. They put on new soffit and fascia. They straightened the gutters up that had been hanging. The last thing they did was the gutter cover.”

Customers home with advantage gutter guard as gutter cover solution.

What did they think of the Advantage Gutter Guard®? 

They both joyfully exclaimed, “We haven’t had to do anything!”

Gutter Cover Kansas City’s Advantage Gutter Guard® was the solution. If you’ve already tried everything else with no desirable result OR you would like to skip trying everything else and jump to the final solution – give Gutter Cover Kansas City a call. 

Gutter Cover KC’s water experts will evaluate your home and create a custom plan to solve your guttering problems.