Do Gutter Guards Really Work?

Yes, Gutter Guards Do Work!

However, as with most things, some work better than others. This is especially true when it comes to gutter guards because some are designed with different parts of the country in mind. That’s why its important to know what you’re looking for when you begin shopping for gutter guards.


5 Keys to a Working Gutter Guard



Advantage Gutter Guard® Works!


Get the Proven Protection Your Home Needs!





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Advantage Gutter Guard’s® Lifetime Warranty

Gutter Cover Kansas City has been in business for 20+ years. We pride ourselves on providing excellence to our customers. Our entire team is dedicated to going above and beyond. Meet some of the people who will guarantee our Lifetime warranty.


Matt-Sheehan-our-production-manager-trains-and-oversees-gutter-cover-installationMatt Sheehan

Gutter Cover Production & Installation Manager

15+ Years at Gutter Cover KC

Matt is known as a thorough problem-solver who displays excellent customer service and integrity.

Matt trains our technicians on installing gutters and covers, and ensures the quality of their work for our customers. He is out in the field working with the technicians every day! Working side by side, he helps them find solutions for even the trickiest gutter guard installations.




Zach Fagan

Quality Control Manager

5+ Years at Gutter Cover KC

Zach inspects completed installations, creates solutions when an installation challenge arises and address any guttering or gutter guard problems that may come up in the years that the Advantage Gutter Guard® is on a home.

“Zach is in a perfect role as our quality control manager because quality is extremely important to him, it’s like it is part of his being. He truly cannot tolerate something to be subpar…He doesn’t just go to work to make money, he goes to work to make a difference.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                           – Pam Stacye, Gutter Cover KC Owner



Debbie Zentz has been the Office Manager for Gutter Cover Kansas City since 2003!Debbie Zentz

Office Manager

20+ Years at Gutter Cover KC

Debbie’s team will be your first interaction with us, and your first contact if you ever have a problem.

“When homeowners call the office we are focused on their needs and concerns. We try to answer any questions they have and get them the help they need to keep water where it belongs. If we can’t answer their questions right away, we do the research needed to find the answer.” – Debbie Zentz

People are what’s important to Debbie. So rest assured that when it comes to backing the Life Time Warranty for the Advantage Gutter Guard®



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