Advantage Gutter Guard® Saved the Day from Guttering Problems!

A Beautiful Home with a Guttering Problem

A homeowner recently called Gutter Cover KC® because they were having guttering problems:

  1. Gutters were overflowing outside the home.
  2. Water was leaking inside the home through the ceiling because of clogged gutters.

Craig Duncan, one of our professional estimators was sent out to thoroughly inspect the guttering system.

He identified the following guttering problems:

  1. Undersized gutters that could not handle the amount of water flowing off the roof.
  2. Clogged gutters. This prevented the gutters from carrying the water throughout the system – forcing them to overflow.
  3. The gutters were pulling away from the home in addition to the gutters being clogged. This can be seen in the before picture.

What we did to eliminate these guttering problems:

  1. Upgraded to 6 inch gutters. The amount of water that typically flows off this size of roof was more than the previous gutter could handle. For more information about gutter sizing see the article: Everything You Need to Know About Your Gutters – In Layman’s Terms.
  2. Installed Advantage Gutter Guard® – Our patented gutter protection system that prevents leaves and debris from clogging gutters.
  3. Firmly attached new gutters to the home. Additional reinforcement was provided by the Advantage Gutter Guard® bracket. These gutters will stay attached to the home for their lifetime.




This is certainly not the first or last time Gutter Cover Kansas City® professionals were able to save the day.

We are happy to help people throughout Kansas City protect their homes from water damage by having healthy guttering systems. If your home is experiencing guttering problems, contact Gutter Cover KC today and we will send out an expert who will look at the unique problems your home is having and create custom solutions for your home.

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