Are Your Gutters Ready for Winter?

Get out the sled, bake some cookies and collect some firewood! We’re less than two weeks away from the first day of winter!

Attractive young couple getting ready for winter by carrying in wood

While there’s many fun things to look forward to, Winter is also something that must be prepared for. What might be surprising to you is this: Gutters are at the very top of most home winterizing checklists. Why?

Gutter Problems Unique to Winter

Winter weather adds an extra challenge for your gutters: ice and snow. 

If your gutters are clogged and can’t drain – the stagnant water will freeze and suddenly the gutters are filled to the brim with ice. This ice takes a long time to melt. While it lingers, its presence is causing two unfortunate situations: 

  1. A lot of weight is put on the gutter itself. 
  2. The gutters are now useless. So water from melting snow, or any rainfall is forced to overflow past the gutters and down to the foundation of the home.

These two problems lead to some more significant problems.

house with icicles and ice dam

Problems Caused By Unprepared Gutters:

  1. Foundation damage
  2. Gutters falling off the the house.
  3. Water damage inside the house seen by water marks on the ceiling.
  4. Constant water dripping on front porch and side walk leading to chronically icy walkways.

What’s the Gutter Winter-Prep Check List?

Follow this check-list to prepare your gutters for winter:

  1. Attach and check downspout extensions. As snow and ice melt the ground gets inundated with water. Make sure the large amount of snow melting off your roof and gutters gets directed away from your home’s foundation.
  2. Tighten gutter spikes or brackets. 
  3. Inspect gutters to make sure they are sloped properly. Gutters need to be sloped towards the downspout to insure proper water drainage.
  4. Clean your gutters and your downspouts.

Tired of Gutter Maintenance?

It’s a fairly short to-do list, but it likely will steal away one of the last few sunny afternoons before winter. So if you’d rather skip the maintenance – not just this time, but for years to come – Advantage Gutter Guard® is an ideal solution.

Here’s How Advantage Gutter Guard® Will Tick All the Boxes on your Gutter Winterizing Check List:

  1. Gutter Cover KC professional estimators will analyze your guttering system. They will make sure the downspouts are directing water far enough away from your foundation. They will recommend necessary changes to optimize healthy water flow.
  2. Before installing the Advantage Gutter Guard®, the installation technicians will analyze the slope of the gutters and make sure they are draining optimally.
  3. When installing the Advantage Gutter Guard®, a heavy gauge aluminum bracket is used that will not only attach the gutter guard but will fortify the attachment of your gutters to your home.
  4. The Advantage Gutter Guard® will keep leaves and other debris out of the gutter. This means your gutters will be ready to handle the heaviest of snowfalls.

If you’re ready to forget about gutter maintenance all together, give Gutter Cover KC a call. They’ll be happy to meet with you and help you get your gutters ready for winter.

Oh, and did we mention this doesn’t just winterize your gutters – it gets them ready for all the seasons? Say goodbye to gutter maintenance forever.

Do you have clean gutters, but are still having chronically icy walkways or other ice dam issues? It might not be your gutters. Watch for the upcoming article: Ice Dams – Causes & Solutions.