The Advantage Gutter Guard® – Can You Trust the Life Time Warranty?



How Our Office Manager Backs the Life Time Warranty of the Advantage Gutter Guard®.

Our gutter guard lives up to its Life Time Warranty. Gutter Cover Kansas City has been installing since 2001 with countless happy customers.

Still, you might wonder – what if I do have a problem with my gutter guard? That is where the people behind the product come into play. For a lifetime warranty to work, the company making the warranty has to live up to their word.

While Gutter Cover KC’s owners Doug and Pam Stacye have always been there to back the warranty, our office manager plays a key role.

We are happy to introduce you to the woman who will make sure to help solve any potential gutter guard problems you might face. Starting with scheduling your Advantage Gutter Guard® installation to transferring the lifetime warranty to the next owner of your home.

Debbie Zentz has been the Office Manager for Gutter Cover Kansas City since 2003!

Debbie has been the Office Manager for Gutter Cover Kansas City since 2003!

Matt our Production Manager describes Debbie’s position in the company this way, “She’s involved in almost every aspect of the company, making her the most important person that doesn’t sign the checks!” Matt is forgetting that while she doesn’t sign the checks, she does input Payroll!

Doug Stacye CEO of Gutter Cover KC says, “Debbie also wears many hats in the company – Payroll – HR – Scheduling – Accounts Payable/Receivable – Customer Service – Phones – Computers and many, many other items.”

Why can you trust that Debbie will take care of you when you need it? Let’s ask some of those who have known her the longest…


When asked why he likes working with Debbie, Steve Purvis Sales and Project Manager instantly replied, “In a word, reliability.”

He continues, “You know how they say, ‘If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person’? Whoever said that for the first time must have known Debbie. Debbie seems to have more to do than anyone else in the company. Yet, it doesn’t matter how much she seems to have going on all the time, if you need something from Debbie – IT’S DONE. And done fast. She somehow keeps a thousand to-do’s in her head and she keeps them always moving forward. She’s a fantastic manager.”

Recognizing Debbie’s value, Pam Stacye CEO says, “Debbie is an integral part of our success as a company. She has been with Gutter Cover Kansas City from the beginning. She has been a rock in good times and bad. We know we can trust and depend on her. She is the type of person we can rely on to provide the awesome experience we want for our customers.”

After trusting her with so much responsibility for many years, Doug Stacye CEO was able to attest to his experience with her, “She is diligent so if you want it done – she can do it.”


“Very knowledgeable and has high standards.  She wants everyone to succeed and makes herself available to answer our questions.  I am amazed at everything she is responsible for and handles so well.” – Sharon Laing Customer Service Representative

Sets a productive and creative vibe for the whole company.” – Marilyn Hernandez Office Support

“She is a great leader/ manager. She is great at delegating tasks, and she trusts that you are capable to get a task done for her. However, she is ready to help if you ask.” – Megan Hespe Social Media

“Debbie is an excellent team player and she leads by example!”  – Krashawn Tucker Office Support

You could not find anyone that can do all that she does and she does it with a smile. – Doug Stacye CEO

“Debbie is intelligent, patient, willing to listen and work to get the best results for the company, able to articulate her words to help not hurt those who she has to discipline, a real pleasure to know, and very patient!” – Matt Sheehan Production

Heart & Soul


“As our office manager she truly cares about our customers, our employees and the good of the company.” – Pam Stacye CEO

“I like working with Debbie because she is a kind, compassionate and honest person. She has a good sense of humor and makes the effort to understand me.” – Sharon Laing Customer Service Representative

“She cares about the team and wants the best for the business. She is always asking how everyone is. Debbie is a great listener both for customers and employees.” – Megan Hespe Communications Specialist

“She is also a fiercely loyal friend that will help you even when it is difficult.”- Doug Stacye CEO

“I think one of the reasons Debbie is so good at her job is that she works for the individuals inside and outside the company. Institutionalized processes, organizational effectiveness, best practices – In a sense, these are business jargon for what Debbie accomplishes by just taking care of people and ensuring that everyone is treated fairly. People are what’s important to Debbie. That perspective gives heart and soul to a company.”  – Steven Purvis Sales & Project Manager

She Believes in the Gutter Guard She Supports

Debbie says, “I like that our products are very high quality and that they keep water where it belongs. The Advantage Gutter Guard® is very versatile and can be installed on many types of houses. The value you receive is definitely worth the investment.”

She Understands Our Customers

Like many of our customers, Debbie has an excellent work/life balance. understands our customers

She has an adoring husband who she enjoys date nights with. She also has two daughters, ages 18 and 29. The newest development in their family is her granddaughter with another one on the way!

She says, “It is so much fun being a grandma and watch my youngest daughter be an amazing aunt.”

As far as recreation time, Debbie says, “Our family enjoys spending time together volunteering in the community.” They also “enjoy playing cards/games with friends.”

debbie familyWhat will be Your Experience when Talking to Debbie?

Debbie explains, “When homeowners call the office we are focused on their needs and concerns. We try to answer any questions they have and get them the help they need to keep water where it belongs. If we can’t answer their questions right away, we do the research needed to find the answer.”

As stated before, “People are what’s important to Debbie.” So rest assured that when it comes to backing the Life Time Warranty for the Advantage Gutter Guard® – Debbie who is dependable, loyal, and caring will motivate her team to honor their word to you.

Go ahead and give Debbie a chance to show her reliability to you. Give her team at Gutter Cover Kansas City a chance to protect your home by keeping water where it belongs with the Advantage Gutter Guard® that comes with a lifetime warranty. Schedule your free estimate today.