Kansas City Tutor Home Gutter Installation

Beautiful Tutor Home Gutter Installation


While temps are pushing the high 90’s our guys are out working getting their installations done. Today we were out in Kansas City, Missouri installing gutters for a beautiful tutor home.

Tutor homes are a popular site downtown Kansas City. According to the Kansas City Star article, “The area between the Country Club Plaza and 79th Street is filled with Tudors featuring brick and stone fronts, sweeping roof lines and steep gables. Many feature decorative half-timber and stucco cladding, impossibly high and intricately embellished chimneys, heavy wood front doors and diamond-shaped, leaded-glass windows.” Tutor homes are a rich part of Kansas City’s history, “Dible built about 5,000 homes in the area in the early 20th century. He filled entire neighborhoods with his signature Tudor-style dwellings, which Millstein says gave people the opportunity to own nice homes that were affordable.”

In addition, these homes are among some people’s favorites for architecture style. “According to Millstein, all the prominent architects from the turn of the century through the 1930s were designing Tudors. The style revives the look of a grand English manor from the medieval period and refers to a cottage-style house as well as the homes that resemble castles.” Because, who doesn’t want to come home to their own personal castle?


Furthermore, with this installation, you can see from the photos below this home had some really clogged gutters.

Clogged gutters in kansas city mo   really clogged gutters

Finally, here are Gutter Cover of Kansas City, we want to protect your home. No matter how old or what architecture style it has.  In conclusion, now with brand new gutters on this beautiful tutor home, water will start draining better. Directing water safely away from the home to help keep it protected from damage.



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