Leaf Gutter Guards on Copper Gutters

Copper Gutter Information & Gutter Cover Protection

Kansas City Missouri house installation

You’re likely here because you’re considering copper gutter for your own home or looking at protecting the ones you already have. You may have heard it’s the most expensive option on the market and you’re right! You may also sense that copper gutter would add a truly dramatic look to your home.  As well as hearing they are a good long-term investment for your home. All of this would be correct assumptions.

Copper Gutters Risks and Benefits:

The first thing about copper is that it doesn’t rust or rot away, so they are considered to handle any weather whatsoever. Another benefit perhaps the more overwhelming benefit is that compared to other models, this one gives your house a certain style adding visual appeal to it, immediately taking the attention of people. And another aspect, it requires a lot less frequent maintenance, such as being replaced often.

What Copper Gutter Involves:
  • You also need copper everything, including accessories and fasteners. Even the hangers used to hang copper gutters need to be special to help not harm the copper.
  • Copper requires extra time and care for your contractor to install and prevent pre-mature tarnishing. Copper even requires special gloves for installation. Left not taken care of the copper gutters will oxidize and turn green. Living in the Midwest with the humidity and rain this will require more maintenance.
  • Copper often requires additional soldering around the joints. Extra work = more labor = higher cost

In Contrast, copper gutters look good with everything.  Brick, stone, wood, or whatever else your house may have as an exterior, copper will make sure to enhance it.

If you’re looking to help protect your copper gutters investment on your home, we can provide you with a free estimate. We also could have your copper gutters covered with copper cover if that would be what you’re interested in.