Gutter Cover Kansas City Working With Contractors

Gutter Cover Kansas City is happy to work with either homeowner, contractor or both.

This week Gutter Cover of Kansas City installed a job for a Desoto, Kansas home after being contacted by the contractor for the home.

A contractor is a person or company that undertakes a contract to provide materials or labor to perform a service or do a job. Contractors can outsource certain jobs that need to be completed on the house. They can get other businesses involved, or take care of them themselves.

Gutter Cover Kansas City frequently works with contractors all over the Kansas City Metro area. From new home building, renovations, insurance, and roofers. We can provide a free estimate to the contractor or homeowner. Whichever works best at that time. The homeowner will still receive a Lifetime warranty with our gutter guard installation. They may also feel free to contact the office themselves or through the contractor if they should have any questions.

So how can Gutter Cover of Kansas City help contractors?

The Gutter Cover is solid cover design. It is not a filter, screen, or mesh. This particular design is to help protect your customers from ongoing gutter cleaning and water issues. We are able to work with all different types of roofing. These include but are not limited to metal, wood, shake, concrete, tile, slate, stone coated steel, and composition. We are a company that can customize a particular job installation. To ensure its the best solution and its done right for that particular home. Finally, our gutter system is almost invisible. With a wide selection of attractive colors, means your customers home’s exterior will remain beautiful and uncluttered. We also pride ourselves with our customer care from beginning contact to as long as they are customers of ours. Your customers will be in the best of care, guaranteed.

This particular install we did this week was located in Desoto, Kansas.

The home was getting gutter protection installed on the whole house, including the detached garage and pool house. This beautiful home required both the 48-foot ladder and the 41-foot ladder. As well as a 3 man crew to complete the installation. Below are a couple pictures of the guys (Matt and Zach) out working on the job.

Zach out at an installation in Desoto, Kansas Matt at installation

Unfortunately both Monday and Tuesday due to weather and safety concerns; the crew got pulled off the job. However, we were able to complete the full job on Thursday. Here are a few photos of the job we completed.

48 foot ladder work Home in Desoto, Kansas Getting Gutter Protection Installed

In conclusion, if you are a contractor and are looking for a reliable and reputable company for your customers please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with a hassle-free estimate.