A Quality Gutter Guard Quote

Getting a quality gutter guard quote for home-improvement projects can often be something just short of a nightmare. Between the high-pressure sales tactics and never knowing if you’re really getting the best price, these meetings can leave you feeling more confused than when you started.

Gutter Cover KC® Provides a Quality Gutter Guard Quote

So how does Gutter Cover Kansas City® ensure a quality consultation that is both informative and (dare I say it?) enjoyable?

  • Standard Pricing- We have set pricing guidelines which means that you are getting the best price we offer- no haggling, no gimmicks, just one fair price for every home, every time.
  • Knowledgeable Consultants- Our consultants aren’t salespeople, they’re guttering experts first and foremost. They take their time to do a comprehensive inspection of your home’s rainwater control system, explain any issues that your guttering system may have, and then create a custom plan for your home.
  • Digital Estimates- After the consultation, we provide digital estimates that can be reviewed and accepted at your convenience from your phone, tablet, or computer which means there is never any pressure to buy.

In previous articles, we have discussed how our OFFICE MANAGER backs the Lifetime Warranty, how our PRODUCTION MANAGER works directly with installers to make sure the job is done right, and how our QUALITY CONTROL MANAGER inspects jobs to ensure you are satisfied with the final product. In this article we will take a look at one of our Consultants, Craig, to see how he ensures a quality consultation every time.

Craig- A Consultant Dedicated To Giving You An Enjoyable Gutter Guard Quote

craig duncan sales consultant

His role is to:

Perform a comprehensive assessment of the guttering system

Find out the homeowner’s concerns

Educate the homeowner about their guttering needs

Make recommendations to keep rainwater away from the home

Knowledgeable About All Things Gutter Related

“Craig, our rep, is awesome in explaining everything you need to know the difference in gutter and gutter cover you may need.” -Sean N.

“Craig Duncan was super informative, helpful, and knowledgeable.” -Santiago V.

“I like educating homeowners, because usually, gutters are kind of an out of sight, out of mind kind of a thing. A lot of homeowners are surprised when they see the pictures I take of what’s going on with their gutters. Whether it’s the amount of debris, the gutters are configured incorrectly, or water-related problems that the homeowner had no idea was going on.” -Craig D.

A Gutter Guard Professional

“I have never worked with such incredible contractors from Craig who arrived early for the quote and even sent a thank you card to Monte who did a world-class installation” -Alex M.

“Craig is a pleasure to work with. He is always positive and professional in his dealings with our team and our clients. He truly has their best interests at heart.” -Paul L.

“Craig is always focused on getting the best results for his clients.  He works diligently so that everyone on the team understands what needs to be accomplished.” -Doug S.

“Craig was fantastic to work with on coordinating with us on what we needed/made sense for our home. The best takeaway was that the communication internally was excellent. The installers had great notes from our initial meeting with Craig.” -Devin M.

“The more research I do, the more I appreciate the quality and the design features that make our Advantage Gutter Guard® stand out as different.” -Craig D.

Cares About Homeowners and Coworkers

“We had a storm and a big branch fell on them (our gutters) so I called. Craig was out the next day and gave me the estimate” -Andrea W.

“I love working with Craig because he cares about people. He’s also super positive.”  -Jaedon S.

“Craig is the kind of guy who uses the results he’s worked hard for to shine the light on other people. He’s always deflecting credit and constantly works at expressing appreciation for everyone else in the company.” -Steve P.

“I like working with Craig because he is a pleasure to be around. The experience he has over the years of working with Gutter Cover KC® helps newer ones like myself to be better at my job. -Larry P.

Always Up For A Gutter Challenge

“I like challenging homes with unique situations because I always learn something which can help me improve in one way or another.” -Craig D.

Even in Craig’s free time, he’s busy problem-solving! One of his hobbies is restoring and customizing farm toys. He grew up around farming so it brings back memories of him as a boy working with his dad on the farm. He said about his hobby, “It can be challenging to customize them at times but it is rewarding when I see the finished project.”

What Does Craig Like To Do On The Weekends?

Craig and his wife regularly volunteer on the weekends and get a lot of joy from this. They also enjoy going camping and riding their ATV’s with their precious dog Scout when they get the chance. When it’s too cold to go outside he loves playing cards with friends and family and an occasional movie night. Of course, you can also find him in his garage tinkering on projects from time to time as well.

Now you can feel confident going into your consultation with Gutter Cover KC knowing that you will have a trained, knowledgeable, and trustworthy consultant. Craig will do his best to make your consultation an enjoyable experience. Schedule your gutter guard quote today to see for yourself why Gutter Cover KC is Kansas City’s #1 guttering company!