How to prepare your home before a heavy spring rain

Springtime is here, see our video with KC Live TV on how to protect your home come heavy spring rain this season.

“The guttering system is one of the most important systems on a home. A properly functioning gutter system is designed to combat water damage to your house. Gutters collect the spring rain from the roof and direct it away from your house. Downspouts play a very important role within the gutter system on your home. It is very important to make sure all downspouts are not only clog-free but also directing water far enough from your home’s foundation.” For more information on downspouts see here.

If you are having issues spring rain causing wet basements see our full video on  Basement Flooding, where we go over things to look for that can lead to water getting into your home’s foundation.

We do a 21 point inspection where we create a personalized plan to fix any gutter problems so we can help protect your home from water damage. We look for factors related to the guttering that can cause water issues so they can be eliminated.  Looking for free inspection and quote? please give us a call.