Which Gutter Guard Keeps Helicopters Out of the Gutter?

Solid Gutter Guard VS. Gutter Screens

Trying to decide which gutter guard to get?

This home is a duplex and on the left side, it had Advantage Gutter Guard® installed. On the right side, a gutter screen was installed.

As you can see, the screen is full of maple seeds while Advantage Gutter Guard® is seed-free.

At first, a gutter screen might sound like the most appealing option because it’s more economical and keeps leaves out. However, on closer examination gutter screens don’t protect the gutters from smaller debris such as these helicopters.

When screens get clogged, the gutters won’t function properly, the same as if the gutter itself were clogged. And imagine having to remove each of these helicopters by hand…what a nightmare!

Consider investing in a permanent solution- Advantage Gutter Guard® -to keep all debris out for good!

Having trouble with helicopter spinners AKA whirlybirds in your gutters and gutter screens? You’re not alone.

Which Gutter Guard Keeps Helicopters Out of the Gutter. Whirly birds or spinners are clogging this gutter. This gutter needs a gutter guard.

In fact, we met a customer this past weekend was the Johnson County Home and Garden Show in the Overland Park Convention Center who had a serious struggle with helicopter spinners.

We’d like to introduce you to Paul.

Paul has had our gutter protection system on his home for 3+ years.

Before installing our gutter guard he struggled with tall silver maples that would drop what he called helicopter seeds into his gutters. It was as if his gutters had decided to be planters instead of their intended purpose!

That’s Right – Helicopters Clogging the Gutter!

Helicopters are maple seeds that got their fun names from resembling the top of a helicopter. Sometimes they get an even more zany name- whirlybirds and spinners! 

Whether you call them spinners, helicopters, or whirlybirds, these maple seeds can be delightful to watch as they gracefully spin off maple trees in the spring.

whirlybirds-sometimes-called-spinners-or-helicopters-are-trapped-on-this-gutter-screen-preventing-water-to-flow-into-the-gutterThat is…if you have properly protected gutters.

Without protected gutters, these can be quite the headache. As Paul mentioned these amazing helicopters are very skilled at planting themselves in the dirt that collects in your gutters and growing baby maple trees

Sometimes the even larger frustration with helicopters is when you have tried to protect your gutters with a screen or other gutter filters which had perforations in the top of it.

The way the whirlybirds spin and fall allows them to land right into the holes of the screen – blocking water flow, and making rainwater skip the gutter all together! 

In trying to clean helicopters out of screens many homeowners find themselves in an even bigger struggle than cleaning a completely open gutter.

Advantage Gutter Guard® is The Best for Keeping Helicopters Out of the Gutter

Paul skipped the screens and tried our gutter guard.

What is his conclusion about the effectiveness of our gutter protection?

I love the product. It’s lasted. I haven’t had any issues with it. Never have to call anybody out to do anything. It’s basically put it up and forget about it.

Many other customers agree!

Why is Advantage Gutter Guard® the ideal cover against helicopter seeds?

Two Reasons:

1) It is a Solid Cover. Spinners are blocked from entering, no more tree saplings growing out of the gutter!

2) Nose Forward Design means it protrudes past the front edge of the gutter and deflects debris from clogging the gutter – guaranteed!

Gutter guard keeping helicopters out of gutter.

Say goodbye to the helicopter headache! Get off the ladder! Just enjoy those maple trees!

If you’d like to forget about all the worries that can go along with maintaining gutters, fill out the estimate form below: