The Best Leaf Guard System to Protect Homeowners in Platte City

The best leaf guard system to be found in Platte City, Missouri, is Advantage Gutter Guard®.  Certainly, cities as old and well established as Platte City, are bound to have many trees, tall and strong.  As we all know, mature trees have many leaves. Eventually, those leaves find their way into the gutter along with other debris – even bird and squirrel nests.  As a result, if not kept clean, gutters overflow causing damage to the home and foundation. Thus, it is essential to install a leaf guard cover that will protect the gutters and keep them free-flowing.

Gutter Cover Kansas City protects homeowners and their property by keeping water where it belongs.  As a result, our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing the gutters will not overflow. Furthermore, we guarantee our leaf guard system will keep the gutters clean and clog free.

What makes our leaf guard cover the best in the Kansas City Metropolitan area?

A versatile design that works with all types of roof systems

Wide selection of colors to match your home’s exterior

The low-profile design looks beautiful on every home

Solid aluminum surface prevents leaves, sticks whirly, birds, etc. from entering the gutter

A leaf guard protection that has been tested and proven for over 15 years

The strong design reinforces and strengthens the gutter system

Installs on existing gutters, or new gutters if needed

Finally, if you didn’t have to spend your free time cleaning gutters, how would you spend your time?

Perhaps you would enjoy visiting the Jowler Creek Winery which offers a variety of award-winning wines in a lovely country setting.  Or, spend a day with family at the annual Platte County Fair which began in 1863.  Interestingly, it is the oldest continuously operating fair west of the Mississippi River.

However you like to spend your free time, you will have one less worry when Advantage Gutter Guard® is installed on your home.  Please call our office at 816-246-7881 to make an appointment to receive a free estimate.